Sunday, July 27, 2014

What is it that I really want people to know about God by what they see in me?

I'm a regular reader of a particular blog - where once the gal writer wrote a super serious post about something Christian oriented and her take on it all.  Then she watched her readership fall off into a great mudslide.  A bottomless pit of offended readers.  So this may or may not be the jumping off point for some of y'all that regularly read my stuff.  Triple hoping not, though. 

We're gonna talk God stuff.  Actually, the question I left off with at the end  of the last post.

What is it that I really want people to know about God by what they see in me?

And here it is.  For today.  For now.  Because things change...circumstances, situations and mostly, my mind.  (But my heart stays pretty much the same.)

And for the record, I am a Christian.  As we baptists say, a born again Christian - because we see it as a choice.  Been that way most of my life.  At one point I just plain decided that life is better with God than without.  Not a mountain top praise singing moment, or a continued nonstop scripture quoting life.  Which totally reminds me to remind you that I am NOT biblically or otherwise trained nor do I pretend to be.  In fact I'm one of those people that really like the happy portions of the Bible that make me feel like life isn't so sucky at times. 

I believe that the Bible is a book of truth on many different levels.  Factual as a history book; and accurate and life lending as a book of stories to get us to place ourselves in like situations and interpret the scriptures through those eyes.  Much like the lessons that come from fairy tales and Disney movies.  I'm particularly fond of Toy Story.  

I believe the Bible to be true as much in fact as it is true in many instances through interpretation - though that can be super dangerous in the wrong hands.  Because who wouldn't want to have a book written specifically for them that says exactly what we want it to say?  I'll take 10 copies please. 

(And on that note,.... if you know me personally, you know I will never get into conversation, debate or discussion over religion, politics, or basically much of anything other than my kids or what happened on Mad Men.  So this post is all me and all mine but not up for discussion or debate if you don't agree.  Link me to your blog and you can slam me on your own page.)   

So this morning the boys and I went to church and I fielded the weekly question by each and every one of them, of whyFor the love of God WHY do you make us go to church every week?  And during worship, kid 1 took kid 2's shoe and hid it under the pew cushion.  They wrestled a bit over that one till I moved kid 2 on the other side of me and then he used me as a pillow the rest of the service.  Kid 3 played with his eyes and told me that he can make everyone look two-headed.  That was when he was not also using me as a pillow.  Kid 1 finished out the service about 4 feet away from us and acted like he didn't know us.  Then he came home and impaled 2 fingers with our new apple slicer.  (Which was an awesome $2 buy at the thrift store last week.  So for the low low price of $2 we got a fancy Pampered Chef apple contraption and possibly a case of tetanus.)   

- - - - -  But the answer I give the boys about why we go to church every week?  Because it's God's day.  And he gives us limitless amounts of his time every day, .. it's our turn to give some back to him.  Lesson here?  God is ever present.  But sometimes we have to slow down and maybe even force ourselves to sit still and notice. 

So all that being said.... here's what I think I would want people to know about God from getting to know me.  

I would want people to know that God is real.  I believe in a God that shows himself in ways that sometimes I actually have to look for.  And for that, I have to have a heart willing to hear and see.  I've heard my fair share of reasons people say they do or don't believe in God.  And maybe you did for a while and then you changed your mind.  It happens.  And I think God is A-OK with that, too.  Because he is a God of finding and seeking.  Seeking a relationship with his people and finding and surprising you right where you are.  Just wait for it. 

I was watching the explosion and multi-car wreck filled Captain America movie with the boys last week.  And kid 3 reviewed it as better than the last one because.... this one is more interesting and more surprising.  SURPRISING.  Some people love surprises. Me, not so much.  But I hope you get surprised one day in a good, God given way.  

I would also want people to know that there is relationship with God.   Not just A RELATIONSHIP with God.  Not limited to a certain type or form or way. Or even right or wrong or good or better or best.  No one is the winner in this one, but we all win.  Because we all change and learn and come in and out of periods and stages of life.  But having relationship with God means that we can commune and participate to our heart's content.  And God will receive what you have to offer  - today - and say a big ol' hello, or welcome back or whatever.  

I have a relationship with God because I want to and need to.   A life fully lived to this point full of a mixed up mix of good and bad has brought me to today - where I truly have to believe that someone has a greater interest in me -  and all of us - and our place in this big world than I do.  Because I can be giant sized selfish and totally forget about you and your needs in a flash.  I'm that kind of girl. 

But I would want people to see that we have a god of bigger and better things.  Bigger things than myself and all my littleness that I try to super size and take out a paid ad campaign to make sure you know all about it.    

I think I would also want people to know that the aforementioned relationship with God is on a conversational level.  I speak through prayer and then I have to listen and watch and wait for a response. But the conversation works the opposite way, too.  If I don't speak and discuss and ask and question - through prayer... I'll get exactly that in return.  Nothing.  It's not magic. 

Is my relationship with God on a deep and philosophical level?  Do I sing praise songs all day as I teach my 4th class and am filthy and exhausted?  Nope.  And that probably shows.   Because sometimes I totally have to pray for a quick change attitude adjustment.   

For me, it is, if nothing else, a personal and private relationship...that for the most part, I choose to keep that way.  Other than the periodic blog thought I mention around here.  But I liken those to food for the soul far more than religion or faith. Food for my soul. 

But I will say that my belief in God is what has allowed me a fuller life and higher hope and expectation for myself.  And that without believing that I was made for more than working and cleaning and cooking, I would spend my days totally pondering the why of it all.  And then maybe quit working and cleaning and cooking.  And then the whole Walters house would go completely to hell.   

I would want people to see that God is a god of hope.  Even at times when you think you've run completely out.   I could write volumes on that one, but I won't.  I'll leave you to write your own.   

I think mostly I would want people to see in me a God of endless chances.  That he is a God of opportunity.  Opportunity to want more and expect more and need more.  Opportunity to achieve more for his glory.  Meaning that when I achieve and accomplish, it's not because I have the talent to do it.  It is wholly because I was given the talent and skill to do it.  For his glory.  Allowing people who see me - to look right past me - and to the God who is the giver of all good and perfect gifts.  

What do you think?  That's a whole lotta God and entirely too much me.  

What is it that you would want people to know about God by what they see in you?

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