Friday, August 29, 2014

Just because

A little end of week updates.... just because.  Because writing soothes the soul and calms my nerves and it's a lot better for me than beer.  Which if you know me... you know I don't drink anyway. Just because.  I just thought it was funny to say that.  

This week our interior garage light burst into flames.  And that is a perfect example of why I love having a fireman handy around the house.  But you know how firemen are always so calm and in no rush whatsoever about getting to the emergency ...  while we're all hyperventilating trying to wait out their 3 minute response time?  Even if your leg is dangling by a thread and you're all laid out ready for the funeral .... they just take some big, slow moving fireman steps to your bleeding body and casually ask you all smooth like ... What's going on with you today, ma'am?  Looks like you had a little accident with that chainsaw. 

Totally same response with the flaming garage light.  Fireman Dave stood there and watched it for a bit..... planning his strategy and thinking thoughtfully of how on earth a cool burning light bulb that's not supposed to be a hazard is about to burn down our garage.   (One time years ago in our first house the dishwasher caught on fire a bit while we were in the next room.  And luckily heard the sparks.... Again, another good day to have a fireman close at hand.) 

And y'all I've had some country song stuck in my head for days making me crazy.  Something about tight jeans.  You know when you get a song in there and it won't go away till another takes it place?  Well somebody needs to sing me a new song.

Once my husband had the hiccups for 3 months straight.  Or maybe it was 3 days.  But he was afraid for his life, afraid he would hiccup himself to death... and afraid he would go crazy, and afraid he would never get a girlfriend.  I just totally made up the girlfriend part.

And we finished the first week of school.  With school buses that have no rhyme nor reason at a time schedule, and an 11 year old that threw morning fits like a baby two days out of the five.  And, and I write that in bold letters because this is the biggest end of week news of all....  we have been voted the world's worst and most unfair parents in the entire history of parents.  Because we haven't provided our kids with phones... no let's get right to it.  We haven't given our kids iPhones.  Which apparently every other parent who is not so old and out of touch with life today has given every other kid in the universe.  More on that topic later since I really need to give some thought to the reasons behind our no on the subject.  And mostly why I as a parent am a big believer in the word no

The good news is that we have a lifetime supply of notebook paper and paper towels at our house.  On my table....that someone put on their school supply list for me to buy, but now won't claim as theirs because it's not cool to be seen carrying paper towels into middle school.  

And I know other bloggers give y'all lovely photos that just ring with beauty in your mind.  But not me.  And sometimes I can't spell... and none of y'all tell me. Last post spell check liked the word exited better than my choice of word, excited.  So I was sharing my emotion and then spell check did me wrong with word replacement.  Let's look at the difference....

Kristi exited the building in her high heels and very comely outfit.  
 or this....
Kristi excited the building in her high heels and comely outfit.    

See?  It messed me up.  

And lastly....  if you see me sans wedding ring... that means wedding ringless.... it's because I've lost another stone in the thing and it's snagging all my clothes.  So don't start rumors about poor ring-less Kristi and the troubles I'm so bravely trying to hide.  Oh, I have troubles don't you know... says the worlds most out of touch iPhone-less mother.... but I am still married.  I just don't want my kids to add snaggy clothes to my list of flaws.  Old, out of touch with kids today and wears snaggy clothes.  

(end of the fire story?   It was the light bulb in the light fixture that caught on fire. Foot tall flames to be exact.... Weird.  But he let it burn itself out.  No heroics required.  Just a watchful eye to see that it didn't spread.)  

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