Sunday, August 17, 2014

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas with Kristi and David, and the boys......

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas with Waylon and Willie, Kristi and David, and the boys......

Yep, went there.  Twice. 

Husband wants one of these for the house.  He thinks every family should have a wood carved guitar playing armadillo. 

Anyway, we went on a little tour of the Texas Hill Country and one week just doesn't begin to cover it.  Y'all should definitely go.  We just got home. (I never mentioned our trip on here till now.  Just in case there were roving packs of internet bandits waiting for us to leave so they could steal our one TV.   And all my new cute throw pillows.)

And apparently sometime during the trip, kid 1 told his daddy that when he searches for a girl to marry, he's NOT going to to get a girly girl like his mom.  ME.  He says he's gonna go for rough and tough.  And my imagination went wild with that one.  Apparently his hope is a gal who doesn't love her velcro hair curlers and adorable throw pillows so much.   So with THAT putting the pressure on, I constantly have to prove that I can do anything that a rough and tough gal can do.  But while wearing a cute skirt.

So we climbed Enchanted Rock. About 15 miles out of Fredericksburg, Texas, our home base for the week.  The rock is a giant pink granite boulder that rises about 500 feet above ground, 1825 feet above sea level, and covers 640 acres of bloomin hot Texas sunshine and dryness. 

Starting with a winding trail at the bottom and pretty soon turning into just a steep rock climb to the top, it made this mom totally sweaty - and as you can tell from the pictures - forced me into wearing a swim shirt of SPF 50 and an unfortunate green neck bandana.  But with a cute skirt.  

And kid 2 decided about 3/4 of the way up that he was gonna slip and fall to his death so we had a heart to heart pep talk and the whole family finished the climb to see these amazing views.   

Now to get down from there....

Not easy, but so worth it to say you did.  Note that I did not slip on this particular rock.  Totally saved that for another day.... 

And of course on the way down I told kid 1 - look at what your mom just did - and in a cute skirt. (Who's rough and tough now?  Now give me a hair dryer and some iced pomegranate green tea, pronto.)  

Our home base for the trip was a beautifully restored 1930's house in Fredericksburg, a small German town of about 10,000.  And life once again proved that I'm really supposed to be a small town girl.   But only a small town like this one with a great grocery store and lots of boutique shopping.  Shopping is a big part of the experience with lots of antiques and creative things.  And for the men,.... a man chair to be found in every store - to give you a spot to sit cozy while your lady love spends your money.  Husband and kids did a little shopping in the kid friendly stores and would occasionally pop in to see how long I might be looking at dish towels in another.  Kid 1 gave it the old college try and made it about 7 minutes in there with me till he felt he couldn't breathe.  But I'm applauding him for reaching out anyway.  It's all about the give and take in a family as we're trying to teach these boys.  I climb a crazy hot mountain with them, they housewares shop with me. 

Remember the trip to New Orleans where the pool was closed and within 5 minutes the front desk had a complaint call about the noise coming from our room?  And they made us move to the lower floor right next to the front desk so we could be supervised?  Well, we are so much smarter than that now... our house had a pool for the boys and some rocking chairs for me.  Front porch rockers and lawn recliners out back on the patio - a win either direction I chose to go.  The house was actually owned and managed by the next door hotel and the boys quickly discovered and fell in love with their morning donut buffet and all day cookie assortment. 

And kid 3 turned 11 on the trip.  

We celebrated with a day at Krause Springs, a little swimming hole on private property outside Marble Falls.  Listed in Texas Monthly magazine as one of the top 10 in the state.  And the owners kindly let you enjoy it if you act nice.  So the boys jumped off a cliff about 400 times and swung from a tree rope and got good and tired.  I didn't jump off a cliff or swing from the rope but I gave a bit and swam right along in that muddy water till about the 3rd report of a snake sighting.  And there I declared the limits of my love and got out.  And slipped on a rock.  Downhill.  But managed to only bruise my left hind quarter parts.  So if I was meat, my left side would be marked down at the butcher at a considerable discount.   

And finally the part of the trip... where on the way home from dinner mama tells everyone to get out of the car and go stand on the side of an old bridge.  The kids of course ask why and then mom props her way too expensive camera so carefully on the bridge railing and sets the picture timer. Hoping to goodness that a car doesn't drive by and rattle it into the depths below. 

We had some fun.  And some not so fun.  As is to be expected when you put 5 different people together for uninterrupted family time.  But what I kept thinking about on vacation is this.... one particular verse that would pop in and out of my head.  Mostly as I was waking up in the mornings. 

 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee...
 Isaiah 26:3

I think that God is a speaking god who hears and sees our needs and in his time, special orders a reply to answer the deepest of them all.  And mine has been, of late, stress and worry, over so many things I can't even put a name on.  But it shows itself through body aches and back tension and more often than I would like - a meanie mom attitude.  But today as with so many days leading up till now, I struggle primarily with keeping open avenues of communication with my kids.  Mostly kid 1 who is in his prime of pretending he's an orphan.  Or maybe birthed from a more perfect mom than I.  See?  I even have back tension writing that confession.  

And I can read all the advice from moms that have seen and felt the same, but nothing seems to make it okay with me till I, myself, get us back on track.  

And I think that trips away, away from the daily routine and the expected roles we fill for each other, help to bring back the closeness that has day by day slipped away into the black hole of teenager-ness.  I actually hate the black hole of teenager-ness.   

But I keep trying.  And I keep praying.  And I occasionally even swim with snakes.  And I keep kissing and hugging even when his hugs in return have no arms.  Or maybe all I get is a grunt in reply.  And I keep putting myself out there risking hurt feelings and a broken mom heart every time I try to find common ground to keep this relationship going.  Because, and my husband will confirm, I have on more than one occasion declared a cease fire and waved my white flag of surrender and just said, I quit.  I'm out of ammo and have nothing left in my heart to fight this battle. 

And then I hear the voice in my mind with the small words of encouragement that I need to hear one more time.   

Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.  

And I don't for a minute think that it means to be in a constant state of worship and prayer.  But instead that it's telling me to be in a constant state of expectation and wanting for good that will be coming around that teenager's mountain of surliness at any moment.  It's telling me that there can be peace in the expectant waiting.  

So I try to find peace in knowing that I was given the gift of being this mom, and this wife, and this friend, and this whatever.... because that's as it should be.  And when all else fails, I have to know that whatever little bit I can contribute to the relationship, God can magnify and multiply beyond my wildest dreams. 

I'll keep you posted on our progress.

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  1. I love, love, love your experiences, and insights and the way that you express them.

  2. oh my! she says, as she blushes at the compliment. Thank you for taking the time to read along and so glad you did!


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