Saturday, August 23, 2014

The bad news is that I failed in so many categories in about a 5 minute period of time

Ladies, Southern Lady magazine thinks it would be great for all us moms to greet our little ones as they come home from school this fall with a lovely display of cookies in a vintage lunchbox and a cold carafe of milk perched prettily on the porch.  And then we're supposed to write a little welcome home note on a chalkboard and add fresh flowers to a bud vase to round it all out.  It seems Southern Lady has been drinking.

And I remember  - or imagined in the crazy side of my brain - another ladies magazine suggesting that we meet our husbands at the door after a long day at work dressed only in wrapping paper - or maybe it was Saran Wrap - totally not sure.  But 100% sure it's not gonna happen here.  

So I love to read all the tips and tricks and how - to - make - life - wonderful recommendations from people who really, if I hired a private investigator, would probably turn out to have lives not a whole lot different than mine.  And I bet if I snuck in their houses and opened the hall closet, stuff would pour out like a flood of garage sale junk waiting to  be tagged and put out in the yard.   Just like my closet.  

Not long ago kid 3 was convinced he saw man legs hiding behind my clothes in my closet.  So first daddy said he's hoping to never find man legs in mama's closet.  And second, we assured him that any man bigger than a toy action figure couldn't fit anyway.  So never fear, kid 3.  All the clutter in our closets makes us one of the safest houses in town. 

And back to school time for me always gets me excited about new beginnings and new plans and better organization.  And then we go to school for a few weeks and wake up one morning rummaging for matching socks and eating grilled cheese twice a week.  But I try.  And I read about those who at least pretend they do better.   

So last week I had already taken kid 3 to the pediatrician, spent a billion dollars on school supplies and then had the pizza and hot Texas heat lunch combo that made me sleepy.  So the trip to get all 3 boys' haircuts went a little bit like this....

Pretty sure I made the face from the shower scene in the movie Psycho when I looked over and saw what the young Supercuts gal had done to kid 2.  And it crossed my mind to wrestle the scissors from her hands and threaten to cut her bangs super short as payback.   And I may or may not have told her I would pray for her soul since she just marked his first day of 7th grade as a life changing event.  May as well just get him a Look at me and my bad haircut t-shirt and put him on the bus.   And I ended up saying a few words that I should've taken a big breath and re-thought before they came out.     Last I saw her, she was in the back hall of the Supercuts pretending to read a shampoo bottle.  

The good news is that kid 1 and kid 3 turned out good.  And kid 2 isn't really upset at all.  Turns out it was really just me.  Like when a toddler falls down and doesn't know to cry till mama comes running at him acting like his hand fell off. 

The bad news is that I failed in so many categories in about a 5 minute period of time.  And if God were giving out grades, in this instance I think I'm borderline pass fail in the patience with others, gentleness, kindness and even being an all around nice person categories. 

And the good news chapter 2 is that we all get second chances.  Or more if we need them.  We just have to remember that they're there for the taking. 

And as we are one day out from a new school year around here, I wish I was full of words of encouragement and blessing for a great new year.  Because I like a new beginning as much as the next person.  But the last few school years have taken some of the shine off the excitement around here.  Last year we had a downhill ski toward nearly failing 7th grade math.  We had a lonely kid that realized middle school is further away from home than he's ever been.  And we had a kid that has lost faith in the public school system more times than I can count.  And each year we hope that the bug of new beginnings bites him and fills him with the joy of new opportunity.  

So all I can do is wait.  And send them off for a new year of new chances.  And pray for all the exciting ways God can show himself to these boys this year.  

Disclaimer:  There were no Supercuts stylists harmed in the making of this post. 

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