Saturday, September 20, 2014

And sometimes we just need a little luck to encourage us to keep looking

Monday.  It was one of those days where I explained to husband in complete detail the after school plan of attack...for me to go ahead and move forward to the barber with kid 3 followed by getting on the waiting list at the flu shot clinic across the street.  Husband was to wait for kids 2 and 3 to get home from school, meet me at flu shots and then move those two along for their turn at the barber.  (Which brings to mind a follow up to an earlier story where I made the young Supercuts girl cry and hide in the back of the shop till I left.  Because I didn't like the way she cut kid 2's hair and I threw a crazy mom fit which turned out to be completely unnecessary because kid 2 loved his hair and is now ashamed to go with me anywhere.) 

All because kid 3 had total hair meltdown that morning getting ready for school.  He doesn't want  a cowlick but God gave him one anyway.  And he also didn't sleep the night before -  though he tried first in his bed then mine, till midnight - when I finally gave up on the idea of sleep with that situation and moved him back to his own bed.  So no rest + cowlick makes for a before school tantrum which I was so completely glad that his daddy arrived home from the station to see.  To see the laying on the bathroom floor in supreme anguish and pain from time wasted, bad hair and too much spray gel.  So I had to go to work and left with strict instructions to put the kid back to bed, do not dare take him into that school in that condition to sully my good name, and call me if you need backup. 

So he slept it off about an hour, went on to school forgetting the drama ever happened, but leaving the parents a year older in spirit.  But he went to school with the promise that we would head straight to the barber after school for future tantrum prevention.  

And while we were there I apologized to the young lady that I had made cry, and she acted all embarrassed, so I apologized bigger and more sincerely.  Which may have been awkward because when she left after her work was done, she still wouldn't make eye contact.  And really I just should've apologized weeks ago.  But at least I can go back there with the kids without worry or shame.  And I feel generally better about it all around.  

And we proceeded to the flu shot at the urgent care place where I waited and tried to call husband for exactly one hour straight and at least 100 redials.  Finally texting my friend who volunteered to drive to my house to see if anyone was alive. 

And they were.  Dad, kids 1 and 2....With no idea that they were to meet me when or where or anywhere.... because husband had taken a nap and turned off all phone ringers.  And never remembered our conversation, our arrangement and maybe not even my name.  So when friend told him that I was with kid 3 at the urgent care clinic, he was clueless about why.  And probably shook his head in sleepy confusion and asked if there had been an accident.  And when he showed up, the entire staff of the clinic knew all about it and had witnessed every single phone call.  And I was mad and took kid 3 home for dinner and left the other men to finish all outstanding business. 

Tuesday.  Football practice intercepted dinner plans and kids 2 and 3 with their hundreds of pounds of homework stayed home and made a sandwich.  Or pop-tarts.  I'll probably never know.  Kid 3 went to practice and on the way home stopped by 7 eleven for a Slurpee and chicken salad from their refrigerator section.  Because it was just that kind of day.  

Wednesday...I've had a total mind sweep of this day. 

Thursday.  I had before school words with kid 2 about constant negativity after he predicted the garage door would probably fall on him and smush him to death.  So we parted on not so happy terms and then I felt bad because what if the school bus got into a fiery collision and I had to play my last words over and over forever in my mind till I went crazy with regret.  So I texted him an I love you on his iPod and he replied.... bye.  That's all I got.  Which made me really hope the bus didn't have a fiery collision.  

Friday.  I had a class cancelled and used my time wisely to make the best thrift store purchase in the history of all thrift store purchases.   Here she is.... all cleaned up and cozy for my boys to sit and read in.  Or build a model of the Alamo out of books  - which is what that is right in the middle of the floor.  A very large, very accurate model of the Alamo.  

The chair had good bones, but the slipcover was disgusting.  But I looked it over and saw it was originally from Crate and Barrel which would have cost me an arm and a leg had I bought it there.  And it just needed some love.  Like the little Christmas tree on Charlie Brown.  And a good cleaning.  So armed with my $3 bottle of Oxi Clean and about 4 washes on the heavy duty wash cycle, I ended up with something lovely.  And my thrift store price for the chair and ottoman?  $45 well spent dollars.  Sometimes we just get lucky.  

Today.  Saturday.  Front yard football turned into a full on brawl.  And there were names called and tears shed.  And a sprained finger.  And brothers mad at brothers.  And a mom sitting in a chair on the sidewalk taking pictures of only the good parts.  Because that's what I'm trying my best to see even in the midst of the storm.  The storm of doubt and ugly and frustration of being a family.  

And sometimes we just really need a little luck to encourage us to keep looking.  

And a little forgiveness.  

And a little time to rest and regroup.  

And people who can look past our dirty and ugly  - and find what might be good underneath it all.   

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