Sunday, September 14, 2014

Don't steal. Don't do drugs. And DO NOT pick up loose women.

“You will come to a place where the streets are not marked.
Some windows are lighted. But mostly they're dark.  

A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin!
Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in?
How much can you lose? How much can you win?”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go! 

Oh the lessons we learned this weekend...  I can't even count.   

We discussed the Bible, specifically, how Adam and Eve already knew how to talk if they were the first people created.  And how often times Bible stories are representative of bigger ideas and concepts.  Very technical Bible theory, to be exact.  Kristi version.   

We had a surprise talk about our new neighbors' different family structure and how it fits into the world as we have known it up till now.  The new neighbors, who, by the way, for the last several months have apparently thought our names are Bill and Cindy.  Whatever.  

We did a few chores and avoided even more.  We put ice on our ankles and feet for the pains and injuries of the day.  One kid played imaginary football hero in the front yard, and one kid went AWOL for about an hour till he was discovered eating a Schlotzsky's sandwich at a friend's house down the way.  We were glad to find out he was well fed and not kidnapped.  So then I could feel good about going grocery shopping. 

We had surprise skate board practice after the pants were already off for the night.  Because if we could live in our underwear and/or pajamas, I promise every Walters would.  

And I tried on and modeled some new outfits for my lovely, yet outspoken teen and tween boys... who told me they make me look like the mom from the 1980's themed TV show, The Goldbergs.  

And husband is AGAIN working another 48 hour fire station shift.  No, make that 60 this go round, while our air conditioner sounds like it could explode any second. So if you drive by my house and hear sounds of rockets firing from the backyard... we hope to get that fixed asap.  But you probably shouldn't stand too close. 

And we ventured out on our own for the first time in a new way.... and confused the daylights out of a few parents in the process.    All wrapped around a movie, and a first trip alone to the mall.  I was the deliverer.  Another parent the receiver at the end.  But there were kids left to wander retail all alone for the first time, one kid mine, two close enough.  And I gave them the Mrs. Walters special talk..... that when they are my kid or are with one of my kids, they will be treated as a representative of this family.  Of me.  And I had better hear either good things or nothing at all coming from this experience.  Don't make me come out in my pajamas to meet mall security, because I will...  

So I left three sweet boys with this.... Don't steal.  Don't do drugs.  And please please please... DO NOT pick up loose women.  Now go and have fun.  

And finally, we discussed the qualities of a good friend and a not so good friend -  and were subsequently tested with questions to make sure we know which one we are.  There was totally a reason for that one.  

So looking back from the Sunday night view, I think the biggest part of our weekend energy was spent in plenty of talks about friends and other lovers that have input into our actions, choices, thoughts, feelings and ultimately - in the big picture - our lives. 

And trying to explain to an almost 13 year old about the ins and outs of letting people - purposely or not - pressure him into doing or thinking something in particular...when it's going against his gut instinct?  Well, that's hard for a girl who, at the age of old enough to know better, still has a tendency to give the same power to others.  Because in the process of deciding how I'm supposed to feel, I find my mind quick to race away with emotion and confusion, and end up falling, right out of the gate. 

And I think that a lesson I need to learn first... and live by it so all my little ones' eyes can see... is that God's blessings and outpourings of gifts and love, even the gifts of others in our lives,...especially the gifts of others in our lives... do not come with built in trouble.  

The trouble that shows itself in the form of questioning and stress and worry?  That's what we add in all by ourselves. 

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