Friday, October 17, 2014

This week's top 10... read all about it

1.  The case of the mystery red and black tape measure on our front porch has been solved.  Because we thought some stalking criminal had been measuring our front door to see if they could fit our TV and maybe a couch through there.  But not at all true.  Turns out kid 3's friend found the measuring tape on the walk home from school and left it as a gift on our front porch when he was over.  

2.  Kid 3 is and has always been my go to man for solving any mysteries around the Walters house.  Usually because he's somehow involved.  But sometimes he's just watching everything up close hoping to get brothers in trouble so he takes in all of life's details.  He's a true resource in questioning times.  

3.  Our garage got robbed which is totally why we came up with the red and black measuring tape on the porch conspiracy theory from bullet point #1.  I just figured it's a little game thieves like to play.  Take a little, take a lot, come back for the rest later.  Our thieves actually took a lot. 

4.  Husband is just not the same since the violation of our garage and the kidnapping of his lawn mower and all power tools.  I found him out there the other day when I drove up and he looked like a boy who lost his dog.  Wandering around outside, a man lost in his brokenness, hoping to find clues or possible memories of good times with his tools.  

5.  The thieves took the lawn mower BEFORE we got to mow the yard.  So now our yard looks like we moved away quickly in the middle of the night.  And now the neighbors can all discuss that Walters family and how they knew all along we were probably up to no good, possibly even running from the law.  

6.  I will spend my 15th wedding anniversary heading up the boy scout garage sale this Saturday.  And I am hoping at the end of the day I will get a sparkly new diamond ring wonderful Mexican food meal to celebrate. 

7.  We have 2 single young men moving into the house next door. And all I can see thru my kitchen window at this point is one fella in a ball cap trying to set up electronics, which just about describes every male in America.  But hopefully these two will be perfect gentlemen and not make me break up loud parties in the middle of the night.  

8.  This is old news, well really recurring and consistent news.  But it seems it is still unacceptable for me to be seen out in public with or around the 14 year old.  Especially during the lunch hour at his school.  Which he made sure this morning to check that I would not be there to help with whatever fundraiser is going on right now.  Whatever.   

So we played the would you rather game... which goes something like this... Would you rather kiss a rattlesnake or have your foot run over by a car?  And I asked him if I were to come to school at lunch to help out today would he rather I wear pajamas or hair curlers? And would you prefer I sit with you or just wave and yell from afar?   

9.  Teacher conferences are minutes away and I could walk away ...
     a.  rejoicing in what I hear
     b.  rejoicing that it is over for another year
     c.  proud to be a mom and all that comes with it
     d. proud that we've made it this far
     e.  all of the above

10.  And finally, .... words from a movie that stuck with me this week on date day Wednesday.  Because even if I don't get a big new ring for my anniversary, or ever....   And even if another year down means another year's work is just beginning, .... we're still here.  
And these words really spoke to me and about me and for me..... 

But he smiled whenever he saw me. And we could've built a life on that. (movie, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day)

And I am lucky enough to say that he smiles every time he sees me.  And we've built a life on that.  

post script.... 

Teacher conferences. I went with answer F.  Unlisted because at the time I wrote it, I didn't know I needed an answer F.  Answer F being... pretend you don't know these children  - one in particular - the one who didn't come home when he said he would come home after school.... so we missed the teacher conference while mom drove all over creation trying to find him.  The kid I found with 5 minutes remaining on our conference appointment clock, playing basketball on the school playground.  So we went to the classroom and appeared humiliated and exasperated all at the same time... and I made him explain to the teacher why we were late.  Then I bribed her by paying, in full, the price of the upcoming science camp trip.  So now she doesn't hate us.  

And on another note.... y'all a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post that very possibly sounded like I knew what I was talking about.  About anniversaries and marriage and such.  And let me be the very first to tell you that I don't know.  I don't know any more today than I did for the last 15 years.  And I imagine I'll still be saying the same even years from now.  So once again, no experts here in the house of angels, pirates and thieves.  But plenty of questions and mistakes.    And thankfulness that even as I continue to walk blindly through our days as a family, I am granted the beautiful gift of grace for today.  Grace that has blessed me with more than I could've ever imagined or thought I deserved. 

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