Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A mid week chat

Kid 2 is completely worried that someone is gonna snatch me right up.  Seeing that I've been wedding ring-less for quite some time now. And I am, thankfully in his eyes, completely snatch-able.   His concern is a rightful one, too.  All wrapped up in that no one will know I'm married so I must be totally up for grabs.  And though, as I told him, I have had some previous good luck in the man catching department, I am 90% 95% sure I can control myself at this time.  And of course husband hopes so as well.  But I can make no promises if George Strait comes calling.  Or maybe that young guy that plays Thor in the  superhero movies.   

So to keep myself honest and on the up and up in all areas of life... I am now sporting a beautiful, sterling silver look band from Old Navy.  Because I was standing in line there about to buy a really cute flannel shirt to go with denim leggings and boots and looked over the counter to find the solution to all my problems.  And the fact that I had just left a store in the mall where I ran into a gal that I used to know who quite obviously looked at my bare finger and made an unfortunate gasping sound, but in an understanding kind of way.  Because women are like that.... we can bless your heart with our eyes and smile, while on the inside we're dying to speed text all our lady friends that you're no longer wearing a wedding ring.

Back story on that one.... my ring is still broken.  Snagging everything in sight and I just can't afford to replace everything in sight.  So there.  That's the whole reason.  Yet I feel change coming in the form of good things.  Cooler air, much needed rain, and a hint of mystery about husband that makes me believe that he will do right by his woman.   But until then, I had no idea that such cute costume jewelry existed.  So if you ever want to pretend you're married just for the heck of it, totally go to Old Navy and grab an assortment of fake rings.  Now kid 2 can rest easy that Mom won't be swooped away by some roaming romantic any time soon.   

And on another note... I've obviously reached the I don't care point much sooner in this school year than in others past.  As I totally lost it in the car on the way to pick up our car from the repair shop last night.  Maybe it was the pouring rain bringing rain into my very soul.  But I think it's just the school system in general that does little to support the needs of learning different students and makes steam come out of my ears.  And use the occasional curse word.  

And on to the topic of car repair.  This is for your benefit because I love and appreciate you for spending your valuable time reading my nonsense thoughts on life and love and whatever.  Public service announcement for the good of mankind.... always tell your mechanic before hand to put on those little shoe booties before he steps one foot into your car.  Mine now smells like a gas station.  And hamburgers.  So go ahead and tell him not to eat a burger in your car, too.  You will thank me later.  Life is just too short to be driving around in a car that smells like gas and hamburgers.  

And... last but just as important going on around here this week.... the talks with the children.  We started out having a serious parent discussion with one kid.  Then one thing led to another and before we knew it we had discussed life and future plans with all three kids.  As well as their inability to put away their clothes and collect the trash.  Then one started crying and went out the door barefoot in the cold rain and walked the neighborhood till he felt it safe to come home and not be harassed by his parents again.  Then husband and I congratulated ourselves on our involved parenting and called it good, yet at the same time hoped secretly that the kids don't kill us in our sleep.

So that's about it and it's just Wednesday.  Each day is an adventure of sorts. 

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  1. Reading your posts is like going to my favorite part of the newspaper, Steve Blow's column, only your column is delivered to my own personal computer. Thank you for brightening our day!

  2. Well. My goodness. This is even better flattery than that dream I had where everyone loved the class I just taught and said it was the best class ever in the history of, well... EVER. Thank you for always reading and sticking around for the next chapter.


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