Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Because my calendar clearly says I have two more weeks to prepare to be thankful

Thanksgiving is next week.  And I had no idea.  I thought it was still two weeks away till I was checking emails and my gym had sent a message about our holiday schedule next week.  And I thought them so very organized to be so ahead of the game.  Then at breakfast my husband said something about next week and I decided he must be wrong, too, because my calendar clearly says I have two more weeks to prepare to be thankful.  

And it snuck up on me because I'm not really one of those November, list everything I'm thankful for on Facebook, kinds of people. Though the list would certainly be long.  And wordy.  

But this week I am so truly thankful for my hairdresser who fixed me right up after a top secret hair disaster.  Top secret because I knew in my eyes,  my mirror and my heart that something up there had gone terribly awry.  Wrong.  Because it was the curse of pride..... when I broke every rule of beauty a couple of weeks ago and bragged out loud about how my new low lights were fabulous.  I just may have used the word fabulous but can't commit either way. 

But pride is wrong and it also apparently washes your new expensive hair color right down the drain and into a new shade of orange that you couldn't imagine till you stood under the fluorescent lights at JC Penney and stared at the dressing room mirror in shock.  

So in short, I was wrong. And I wrote a poem about it... chock full of despair.... but it doesn't rhyme.  It might qualify as a Haiku.  And I need to send this to my middle school English teacher who thought I couldn't do one of those.  Anyway...

Orange is the color of fall leaves.  
And pumpkins
Orange is the color of my favorite dress.
And now my hair.  
Misfortune is my name. 

So I called up the gal that did the color and when she kinda' snapped at me on the phone and asked what I wanted her to do about it in an unfriendly manner, I wondered if orange hair was better than the hands of an insulted hair dresser.  But I went in anyway, yesterday afternoon, and chose grace over insult.  And I chose flattery over complaint.  And we got along just fine.  And I won't say how it all turned out because I now know not to speak too soon, but I left  - not crying - on the way to buy some crazy expensive color safe shampoo.  And also some expensive UV filter hair spray to protect my corrected hair from the sun.  

And that is mostly why I had no idea that Thanksgiving is next week.  

Because I can't celebrate anything at all without the confidence boost of good hair.  

So today I started the holiday preparations which included vacumming the inside of the hall closet and deciding to list some of our excess junk on eBay for the low, low garage sale price of ... about what Thanksgiving dinner will probably cost me. 

But knowing we will all be busy and here and there for the upcoming days, if we miss each other, I want to say it today to make sure you know.  I am thankful for friends, family, and most of all the people who join me on here not because you have to.  But because you choose to share some of your valuable time with me.  I am humbled and honored all at the same time.  So much so that it is sending a glow right to my new hair and making it shine like the lights of a million low lighted suns.  

You do that for me.  Really. 

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