Monday, January 5, 2015

Go to sleep in peace... God is awake.

If this were a fashion blog I would report to you that super low cut cleavage is in for 2015.  Only for women.  Men do not attempt.  But according to Glamour Magazine, you should never forget the double sided tape or you could be crossing over into peepshow territory.  I actually had no idea people taped anything like that.  Also in for 2015 are bigger eyebrows.  So ladies you can stop plucking and enjoy the brows that God gave you without worry.  

And that is all I know on that topic. 

I begin this writing on a Sunday morning as we try to convince, cajole, pressure, and push our kids to get ready for church.  As I sit here not ready for church setting the perfect example for young minds.  And husband just stepped out into the freezing morning with a wind chill temperature in the teens and declared a dad time out.  Stepping off the parenting boat and waiting in the freezing cold car is preferable to arguing with kid 3 over a sweater that he thinks feels too tight.  But I ended up convincing him it looks amazing with his new million dollar shoes that Santa brought him for Christmas. All a trick of the mind. 

A few nights ago I had a dream that kid 1 folded a basket of laundry without being asked, and presented it to me as a gift of his love.  And in the dream, I saw a turning point in his life where from that point on he would be a respectable, responsible young man that other parents would point at and become insanely jealous of me as a mother.  

That was my hopeful dream.  

And last night I had a dream where I was in a very familiar place from my childhood.  But I was grown, and if I may say so, looking mighty good in a white dress made from an old bedspread I have thrown over the old rocker in our bedroom.  Note the use of the word old, twice in one sentence.  So I admired my beauty in my fancy bedspread dress until I saw in the mirror that I was wearing neon bright underwear covered in flowers that glowed through the backside of my dress like a flashing vacancy sign on a cheap motel.  But no one told me. 

That was my fearful dream.  

And if I had any sort of training in psychology, I would probably say that the dream wasn't really about underwear in any color or pattern. But I have no training in anything other than the degree I never use from college and how to do some other things that have nothing at all to do with dream interpretation.   

Oh, and we took the boys to see the Blue Man Group performance this weekend.  And husband packed my earplugs just in case - the ones that are normally used to block out his snoring.  Because he is both thoughtful and kind, and knows I don't enjoy loud things.  And if you go, know that the blue men use strobe lights in case you are prone to migraines and/or seizures.  But I decided that I totally should've thought of the blue man concept myself years ago because apparently when you are painted blue, you can do whatever the heck you want and call it a show. To think I could've painted my kids blue and sold tickets makes me feel like I wasted an opportunity.  

Let's see.... what else.... I did not stay up till midnight on new Years Eve - this year or most of my life for that fact, but I did eat my black eyed peas. 

And kid 2 has a broken wire in his braces.  Again.  The same wire that was broken the last day of school before winter break and he had to go to school late because he had to get it fixed.  So his little mouth is cut and bleeding again and he can't eat all the junk he would much love.  And when the receptionist told us they couldn't get to him to fix it anytime soon, I kinda became like a mama bear when her baby bear has orthodontic pain and suggested they figure something out.  Please.  Y'all, of course I said please.  And they will be meeting us up there in a bit to repair and replace whatever I am currently paying a bazillion dollars for in his mouth. 

So this is our New year in bullet point fashion.  None of it with a life altering lesson.  I think I'm ready to just accept this as truth - that there's not always a lesson.  There's not always a reason or an answer.  There's not always a specific cause, or a beginning or even an end.  And sometimes dreams are just dreams.  And day to day events are just things that keep us busy till the next event comes along.  

And some events are loud and colorful and include blue men and strobe lights.  Others may cut you and make you bleed.  While others are hardly worth remembering.  But all in all, keep adding them up over the year and you have a life fully lived.  

Christmas has come and gone but I keep singing this song in my mind....   

The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight.  

Now that is great news.  

post script.... and if I did have some sort of training in dream interpretation I would say that the underwear one was the result of leftover pasta eaten too close to bed time.  And the folded laundry one?  I'd be equally happy if anyone presented me with a basket of laundry washed and folded.  Laundry = love.  


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