Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kevin Costner and his lady friend taught my boys a thing or two that I wasn't ready for them to know. And that is all I really remember about family movie night.

The good news this week is that the ugliest garage door in the land is finally dead.  A slow and painful death that dragged on years too long.  The bad news is we still have to look at it out there not working for about one more month while I wait for my new one.   More bad news is that new garage doors are crazy expensive.  But it was time to move on with life and finally be able to park in the garage again.  And I think it'll be like a big party when Home Depot delivers my new million dollar door and I'll invite all of y'all over to celebrate.

Also in the good news column this week is that kid 2 says he will not put myself and husband in a home when we get old unless that's where we want to go.  So I'm already hitching my golden years wagon to him and planning to get the west wing of whatever house he has as a responsible, mature adult.  I love that boy.

Also trending around here is the goings on from family movie night last night.... where there was yelling, screaming and mirrors falling off walls.  There was a beautifully displayed plate of snacks and surprise sex scenes that dad forgot to tell me about in said movie.  And there was also a kid that ended up sleeping on the couch all night.  Kind of a restraining order for him and brother.   Take all those ingredients, mix them up and that's a pretty accurate account of our evening from about 7-10 pm last night.

 Of course I had planned for a nice evening of together time after a long day of games and other business.  And I put out cookies and popcorn and other things to make life sweet, and husband picked a movie he assumed appropriate for all ages.  But also forgetting to tell us that we would be blinded by a sex scene between Kevin Costner and some lady that I don't know, but now I've see her totally naked, and for a very long time.  

And as I sat there trying to act like adulthood wasn't moving in on my kids way too fast, husband was jumping around like a crazy person scrambling for the remote that couldn't be found anywhere this side of the Mississippi. And I'm pretty sure he babbled a bit as well..... trying to avert our attention away from the on screen affair and direct it, instead, toward him.  Like a bird flapping it's wings to scare away predators.  

So yes, in the end Kevin Costner and his lady friend taught my boys a thing or two that I wasn't ready for them to know.  And that is all I really remember about family movie night.

Then as I lay there in bed trying to get rid of back tension and forget what I had just witnessed, a falling object dropped entirely too close to my head in testament to how random and freakish life is.  Much like a guillotine might feel plowing toward one's neck, but without warning.  

And here it is...the beautiful antique mirror I found at the garage sale last summer and painted a lovely shade of blue and hung it over my  bed.   

But handyman husband has been using some unorthodox wall hanging practices of late.  And when I looked up to see what was left on the wall.... picture it.... all that stood between me and a very heavy falling mirror was a smallish looking hook with a bottle cap on the end of it for reinforcement.  Which proves right there that bottle caps are not meant for construction or home decorating projects.  

And I pictured this crazy video that our church youth group showed us as young teenagers about the dangers of not choosing the Christian path in life. A video that depicted the day after the rapture where all Christians had gone onward to enjoy the sweet fruits of Heaven while those of us that had yet to decide our path were lined up to be beheaded by a guillotine.  Which made me right then and there decide that I loved Jesus, and my head, and decided that the Christian life is the one for me.  (Perfect example of old school Baptist teachings with a strong emphasis on do or die).

Anyway... Husband did not nearly get his head chopped off because he was in the boys room refereeing a fight over who is weak and who is not and who can and cannot play basketball.  And really it was just a question of which kid gets meaner than the rest when tired.

End of story....

All 3 boys got a movie night lesson in the birds and bees that was a surprise to us all. 

Kid 3 ended up sleeping on the couch.  Kid 2 was all upset over that this morning because the sleeping arrangement interrupted his private XBOX playing time, and kid 1 just kept living as if nothing happened. 

I was thankful to have husband home for the festivities.  And as true love is selfless,... was also thankful he did not almost get his head chopped off by the mirror.

The mirror slid right down the wall behind the headboard of the bed and surprisingly only cracked the frame, not the glass.  Which is good  in that it would've been more bad luck than anyone deserves after almost losing her head. 

post script.....  I would've chosen Jesus the easy way, just by living life and seeing the difference he makes in it all.  No guillotine movie necessary. 

Oh yes,... I do have a request for y'all this week, please.  This fella, kid 1, Ethan, has a big week ahead.  Having high hopes to earn a spot in a musical arts program for high school, he has his audition coming up next weekend.  And I ask that you join me in praying for this sweet boy.  Not praying for him to get in -  because I don't think God works like that.  But to pray for his peace in waiting for the audition, for focus in practice and for confidence in his talent to get him through this journey wherever it may lead.  And more than anything, prayers of thanks for the opportunity that lies ahead for him and wishes that high school, whichever one he ends up attending, is the door to a wonderful new God sized adventure for him.  

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  1. Only in a Walters household. Takes me back to a family vacation at a drive in theatre in Colorado back in the 70's. Yep sometimes us guys have a habit of forgetting those "things" and those "words" when we watch movies. I guess we are not as impressed with sex or at least when other people experience it. LOL. I will be praying that Ethan gets into the music program. He has great talent. God bless you for another great blog.

  2. and thank you, sir!
    And I think David drew more attention to the fact that we didn't want the boys to be seeing that part of the movie.... which in turn, of course, made them tune in even closer. Geez.


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