Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gloom despair and agony on me. For your weekend....

So do you ever just get so cold that you worry you might shake to death?  Because I do.  I really do. 

There used to be an exercise machine that jiggled you half to death and women everywhere fastened themselves in for a crazy ride hoping for the best.  Anyway, if I could shake off some excess in certain areas and have it land in another, I'd be all in too.  But I'm so over this winter thing even making me think about it.

Do you ever in the middle of a surprise snow storm want to call your garage door salesman and ask if he knows what the heck is going on with your missing door that you ordered over a month ago and can he come over here right now and lift my broken, frozen door for me?  My sales guy was named Fester which I will remember for the rest of my life because it reminded me of Festus from Gunsmoke.  And the fact that he kept calling me Lieutenant during our entire visit.

Do you ever look over at your sick husband with the flu all laid out all over the couch and say a thank you prayer to God that you didn't choose to be a nurse or a doctor or anyone else that has to take care of sick people?  Because I would be so terrible at all those jobs and I think this is one of those days where husband is questioning his choice of life partner.  He says he thinks I would just stick him out in the back yard in a shed if I could.  To which I reminded him that just last week we did go shed shopping.  Just a coincidence.  

We've been cooped up way too long and I did some research.  Here is how you say, Man I feel like poop, in three different languages: 

French:  Man , je me sens comme merde .

Portuguese:  Cara, eu sinto como cocô .

Swahili:  Man, Najisikia kama kinyesi.

But I just speak English and Man, I feel like poop.  But not wanting to steal husband's sickly thunder because he is definitely at the time of this writing, sicker than I am.  But I'm toying with the idea.  And a sore throat, pounding head and low fever.

And of course it snowed again and I have no cute kid snow pictures to share.  They've been out sledding with a totally different family in the neighborhood like homeless kids looking for someone to love them.  We're just terrible winter weather people. 

I felt like this is a more appropriate family picture of the Walters for the weekend. Hoping yours is a lot warmer and healthier. 

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