Saturday, February 7, 2015

Random thoughts about life and other deep subjects - volume something or another

Kid 1 was running around this morning looking for underwear and I told him to go look on the fireplace mantle or the back of a chair.  Because we've had temporary dryer issues the past couple of days and you can find lots of stuff hanging around. 

And this is a picture of no kitchen light.  Because I can't make up my mind what I want up there.  More on that subject in a bit.  And you can see the green paint that our kitchen was painted when we bought the house.  I  lived with that green paint on every cabinet and surface for about 5 years and I deserve a medal.  

This is a picture of our broken garage door that is there but not really.... present only in body, with no spirit at all left in it.  And every time I leave home or come home I have to get out of the car and wrestle the thing up, then drive in/out, then get out of the car and wrestle it back down.  Just like the Olympic sport of garage door wrestling for which I am in training.   3 weeks or so and counting till the new door arrives like royalty.  We got a wood look door that's really a steel door because real wood is for people who have won the lottery.  But y'all wood or faux wood, fancy is coming to town. 

And yesterday after my last class I got my hair cut into a short and sassy  extravaganza.   And I feel like 10 pounds of dry scarecrow grass has been removed from my head and a burden lifted.  And I kinda already knew I was walking around looking somewhat questionable but didn't fully understand to what extent till the stylist told me.  I apparently  had a weird line cut in the back of my hair, but I told her I never look back there so it hasn't bothered me at all.  Then she had a coughing attack and left me sitting for a while then came back and told me at least twice that I will look tons better when I leave than when I came in.  For which I thanked her assuming she meant it as a positive and nothing more.

And my friend, Debi, and I went to something called a Chocolate Crawl. Which was fun and for the most part yummy.  And we laughed and tasted lots of good things - except for the chocolate beer that tasted like cough medicine and the mushy white chocolate something-something cheese ball.  But I loved the chocolate cinnamon rolls and the devils food cake gelato.  And we visited the Woo Hoo chocolate snack mix table twice.  Because we are wild and crazy girls.  And since today is a new day, I'm ready to crawl through chocolate again.
(each tasting station was carefully monitored and small taste test samples served to prevent us from having a full chocolate meal courtesy of Central Market.  So we followed up dessert with a plate of shared Mexican food and called the night a success.)

And going on for a while now.... I have an aspiring businessman on my hands and his name is Kid 2.  But as of late he has learned the very hard lesson of live, learn  and spend your money wisely or you might end up taking a big ol' loss and then asking your mother to list things on eBay for you to sell. 

So I  eBay listed some things that he had purchased based solely on peer pressure and nothing else.  That... and a million legos that have been  in my living room floor for way too long.  And if we had all the legos that I've sucked up in the vacuum over the years still around to sell, kid 2 could probably pay cash for a house in an up and coming neighborhood.

And kid 3 laid down in the booth at a restaurant and cried.  Because we didn't know he felt that bad and were bad parents and let him go to a sleep over, then to a scout function and brother's basketball game.  All pre-meltdown activities leading up to throw up and falling asleep crying on the couch.  (Once I had all the kids - little at the time - at a fast food place and Kid 3 claimed potential throw up with immediate follow through.  And I left the other 2 sitting at the table and ran the sick one outside to the trash can where he put on a show for the drive thru lane.)  Oh the mistakes I have made.  

So that's what's been going on.  The end.

No, really.  I've been oddly tired the past few days and I've slept like crazy so I  haven't written in a while.  Maybe I've put too much energy into shopping for a kitchen light to replace the old one that's been hanging over my sink for the past 12 years.  The one I always thought looked like it needed a bra.

So I had husband hang a new one to try and I hated it -  so I took it down myself because I didn't want to ask him to do it after I just had him hang it up.  Now we have no kitchen light, no clothes dryer and no garage door.  And a kid passed out sick on the couch.  You probably don't want to come over here to visit. 

And kid 1 was particularly surly this morning and I can't understand why.  Because I even fed him pop tarts for breakfast which is a treat and he should be hugging me for me for being so tired and listless that I sold out on all I believe in and let them eat junk to nourish them for school.

Y'all, this week I sat at the Jason's deli after my last class and being already tired and wearing the same sweaty clothes I had been in for the last 5 hours, I had little to no tolerance for the lady in the next booth and her curses of all that the world has sent her way.  Including but not limited to 2 men who took issue with her dog and all the choice words she used to share her unhappiness with them.  She also had a bad experience with her Retin-A wrinkle cream and it's undesired result when mixed with her facial cleanser.  And she cursed much like I think men who have never been taught better talk when they think a lady isn't around.  So I gave up my sunny booth to get away from grumpy lady and decided it would be better to sit in the dark crowded part of the restaurant than to hear more of her sucking the life from my soul by way of my ears.

And I have no idea why she bothered me so much.  Maybe because I was 4 classes worth of exhausted and wearing sweaty pants and every little thing seems to be magnified at that moment.  But I keep thinking about what an unhappy person she must be to fill her lunch hour with ugly.

Maybe that's why I've been silent here for a few days.  Because I was taught -  and try to teach the same to my kids - that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.  And nothing in particular is bothering me.  Nothing I can put a name or face on anyway.  But sometimes quiet time is favorable to noisy nonsense. 

I like to think of it as blank spaces.  Spaces in our homes and time and thoughts that are intentionally left blank to be filled with whatever God may surprise us with at the last minute.  And I didn't know that I was intentionally creating blankness....  till day by day I had no words.  

And I waited.  And tried writing.  And wrote a couple of things not worth publishing.

So I'm listening.  I'm waiting.  And I'm wondering what I will see... and how that message will get to me. 

post script... Dryer problem has been resolved and it is hard at work as we speak.  And kinda' related is that husband posted as his Facebook cover photo a recent photo of the family on our state park adventure in Arkansas.  A picture documenting my lack of sleep and swollen bacon face that I may or may not have mentioned.  And thankfully for him, he spent the better part of the day fixing the broken dryer.  So with that saving grace, he earned points to counter the hell he would've paid for the photo incident.  

Kid 1 has gone from surly to silent which is a plus as far as the lesson of intentional blank spaces is concerned.  I'm proud of his muteness right now.  

Kid 3 is still asleep and we are hoping he wakes up nicer than when he gave up all hope in the restaurant today.  

Kid 2 will be building a 3 dimensional robot this weekend as he claims he was the only kid in the 7th grade who did not get the memo about it being due yesterday.  I guess he was too busy looking for things to sell.   

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