Friday, March 13, 2015

So basically I need a change of scenery. Spring break 2015

I declare the Texas drought to be over.  And my weather forecast is for it to rain here for the rest of our lives.  

And it's spring break.  But the spring time forgot to join us.  So we've basically spent the whole week staring out the window and asking each other, How many inches do you think we got, honey?  

Husband and I also discussed what wood Noah's ark was built from.  The answer is gopher wood which husband thinks everyone should know.  But I didn't .... and then he looked at me like I just fell off the turnip truck.  I also asked him to paint the breaker boxes located on my laundry room wall and you would've thought I asked him for a kidney.  

And the rain has us all miserable and makes our dog smell worse than ever which just doubles up on the pain of a boring, no vacation planned, rained out spring break week.  That, and all the video games that my kids would spend their entire days lives playing if we let them.  And I've thought it all along, but it is now confirmed.  They are indeed trying to kill me with a slow tortuous death.

So basically I need a change of scenery.  Or a change of family for a while.  Because obviously after the flu and the ice and now the rain, I seem to be all grumpy and wondering who packed us up and moved us to the rain forest without me knowing.  Maybe it was while I was feverish and I just don't have any recollection of it. 

Anyway, I think this is third in my series of depressing posts for y'all to read.  So if you are one of those people who feel better about your current state of affairs when you find out how miserable someone else is, this post is for you.

Ok.  I told you I would follow up on this.... here's how it went the night I drove the car into the side of the house.  Which was entirely crazy.  And you should know that I have never even come close to hitting that wall or any other the entire 12 years we've lived here.  But as I always tell Fireman Dave as he drives us recklessly through the mountains on vacation - and as I hang onto the the door to cushion my fall from the highest mountain peak - It only takes once, mister.  It only takes once for you to misjudge your driving skills and drive us the heck off the side of this cliff. 

Anyway, I've been speaking the truth all along.  It does only takes once to make a mistake of the driving or any other kind.  But I had just taken the car to the car wash and there was a giant puddle in the driveway from the melting snow and I tried to avoid it.  And at night time I just didn't see how close to the side of the house I was till I heard the scrape.  But kid 3 felt it because he was in the backseat and it made him look up from his video game which says it was somewhere near an earthquake sized tremor. 

So weather permitting, we will one day soon get some touch up paint and be back driving in style.  Or I can just drive around and wait for those people that fixed my dent one time before in the grocery store parking lot for whatever cash I had in my purse plus a tank of gas.  That's how the Walters do most major repairs, remodels, and sometimes even our healthcare. 

So here was the phone call to husband at the fire station about the car......

Honey, I messed up the car.  Pretty bad.  Not really bad.  But kinda bad.  Call me.....

And my saving grace was that he was at work and had 24 hours to mull it over and decide if he still wants to keep me around after our car insurance keeps paying the price for our love.  And it was also day one of the feverish flu for him so he was already kinda' weak and worn down.  And when I told him about the car, I spoke in my sweet voice which probably sounded to him like sickness sympathy and.... bam, earned me some points.  He had also been sitting on the fire engine for about 4 hours watching some downed power lines at the lake and maybe the news of the car was a break in the monotony of the night or a man conversation starter for all the guys to complain about their wives. 

Oh, and today I almost fell down in class.  Not unlike the day I fell going up the stairs at the kids' school and everyone acted like they didn't know me.  But today it was the best save ever and I'm recording it in my career history books.  I blamed the near fall on the rain because it just made sense.   

And the one sunny day we had here this week we went to a wildlife park and soaked up the sun and met a baby lemur.  And we were so stunned by the blue sky that we accidentally drove about 30 extra miles past where we needed to be.  Pretty much in a sunny day trance.  

And we fed anything that would come close enough to us.  Then we fed ourselves at the local pizza place.  Where the food was okay but not great and the line for the ladies restroom was intense.  Because if you visit this particular animal park we went to, ladies you should know that they only offer porta potties there  - unless you go into their restaurant and order pizza.  And  I think that's the best advertising for their restaurant that money can buy.  Buy a pizza, get to use indoor plumbing. 
And we learned how male camels flirt with their lady friends which made me very thankful to not be a lady camel.  

So here is the face a gal who has never had a lemur jump on her makes when a lemur jumps on her.  His name was Theodore and he was extremely energetic and I think he's really just another Walters boy disguised in fur. 

So that's really it for spring break...... 

But this week we had some disappointing news.  Kid 1 didn't get into his high school of choice.  And he's doing okay with it right now.  But grieving change and loss and disappointment is never easy no matter our age or where we are when our heart feels the hurt.  And his heart surely did for a while. 

I tried to tell him about how I prayed for him in this.  But when you're 14, you just tend to pray for what you want.  Maybe that doesn't stop when we're 14. 

But I'd like to think that all our prayers are heard, even if they're not answered in the timely and specific fashion that we would like.  And I'd like to think that God actually does know what's best for us.  And the answers we get to our prayers may be the best answer he has for us right now.  Even if that answer  may be a broken and disappointed heart.  Maybe that's the only way to get us to take our eyes off ourselves and really hunt for the next step in the plan.  I find that to be true for me, anyway. 

And I'm hoping to see new possibility, a new idea of the school situation, maybe.  And a new comfort that the stress of waiting for an answer is over.  We'll see.    

Hoping you saw some sunshine over spring break.  Somewhere.  If you know where it is, let me know.  

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