Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seriously, there's not an important thing on this list....

First things first.... if this was a fashion blog,.....

I would #1 recommend to you that over a certain age, ladies, let's say 70 because I'm guessing that's how old the lady I saw today at the store had to have been who was my inspiration for this line of thought.  So fashion tip Thursday..... over a certain age, maybe we shouldn't wear a hot pink mini skirt with a leopard coat and a baseball cap that says SUPERMODEL. 

And while we're talking about it, you should just go ahead and clean out of your closet right now....right now.... anything with writing on the rear end.  Like bikini bottoms that say Enjoy the view. Or anything that says the word Baby.

Second category on the game show today... Random facts of my week for $20  

I took an inventory of the freezer and this is what I found.... a potato party.  How did this happen?  

So I went to the store and the lady at the grocery deli and I played a game of food choice charades  - all about which salad Kristi wants to buy.  Because it turns out that this particular store likes to hang onto their food dangerously longer than what the health department would normally allow.  And with her manager standing close, she was afraid to speak up with words to save my life as I tried to buy the week old potato salad.  However, since we gals stick together through thick or thin and especially in attempts to avoid food poisoning, we made a game out of it.  So I would point at something and she nodded no.  I pointed again and again with more no, don't eat that unless you want to die, head nods, and finally settled on a nice veggie pasta that was made fresh by this sweet lady today.  It was the only one she could vouch for.  And I think we are all in agreement that I should never shop at this store again.

Then I met and had the best visit with the parking lot attendant at a Rangers baseball game who loved my flowy white top.  Which was maybe unexpected attire for a baseball game, but so in touch with my inner Kristi that I just had to wear it along with some fancy shoes.  So she and I talked about my shirt and how we both love to shop at SteinMart for all things beautiful.  Then we talked about our kids and we were fast friends in about 4 minutes.

And yesterday it was like a voice from Heaven when husband invited me to go to the old town square in McKinney for some antique and ladies boutique shopping.  Which made me remember that we just watched the old Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie where the alien pod people suck out your life when you sleep and grow a new alien pod body that looks just like you.  I may have to check husband over a little closer later to make sure he's for real, but it got me a shopping trip and a good lunch no matter.   

And all was going well till we were half way there and in mid discussion I discovered that he didn't turn in kid 3's course selection sheet for his upcoming first year of middle school.  To which I may or may not have completely turned on him and temporarily become the scary she-devil that hides deep within me for when someone messes with my kids.

But some fresh air and a this adorable new hat later and all was forgiven and he felt safe to be in the car with me on the ride home......

And we stopped by to see our 4 month old baby niece and I got spit up on for the first time in a long time.  It was a good day. 

And finally, here's the temporary set up for my living room.... it has become our new teen party room/music studio as we added a drum set to our list of instruments.  And all the hard work I spent trying to decide if my buffet table should be black or white has all kinda' gone out the window because it's so darn loud in there that no one wants to stay for long anyway.  We're trying to come to an agreement we can all live with on allowable times of music sets and decibel level.  

And I wasn't at all going to mention this one... but a girl's gotta speak up for what's right....  I made what I thought was a sincere observation to someone the other day, but apparently what was heard was Here, take this nail gun and shoot it into your eye.  Because the response I got was not even close to appropriate or even bordering that particular continent.  

But I needed that reminder nonetheless... for several reasons.  Sometimes people are just quick to assume the worst and I find that sad in almost every case.  But I've done the very same thing more times than should be allowed.  Haven't we all?   

But I think an even bigger given than any other when misunderstandings happen is that sometimes words that are spoken are only as good as the willingness and ability of the receiver to listen and hear.  And that can really just change with the wind.  A lesson in reality. 

So that's it for now.... hope you've had a good week.  

Here is one of my all time fave clips from I love Lucy where little Ricky learns to play the drums.  So true.  

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