Thursday, June 18, 2015

Naked mom in a rocking chair

Just a little second week of summer catch up.... or in other words, the two weeks that the Walters spent seeing too many doctors so we still don't have a tan.  

We started the summer in full swing as any mother of three boys would.... by scheduling everyone a dentist appointment because I know no one has really brushed their teeth worth a darn in months.  And two kids had cavities which would have taken too long to fix right then while they were already seated and weighted down with a heavy lead xray vest, so husband scheduled 2 more appointments for me to return them to the dentist for fillings.  But husband actually ended up taking them, and while he waited he and the lady dentist had a heart to heart about MY teeth y'all.  Which if you are a long time reader here and already know all my intricacies and secrets, you know that I am a cavity machine.  Though I hold the Guinness Book of World Records for greatest number of times a human has brushed and flossed in  a given lifetime.  Because I am a complete freak of nature.  But the dentist understands and we girls stick together as I have so often stated before.... and she told husband that it's not my fault that I get unsightly dental decay... it's those damned deep grooves.  I actually think she used those exact words.  

Anyway, I'm not even sure husband knew I had another cavity as it wasn't something I was proud of so I didn't rush home to brag.

And of course I had my mammogram and decided at that moment to get my ear pierced again as a reward.  You already heard that story.  And for the record, cartilage piercing still hurts 2 weeks after the fact so think long and hard before you go freely piercing anything of importance.  (And about that mammogram.... please, if you haven't yet scheduled yours - do it.  And if you're a man, thank God that you don't have to be smashed and squeezed in such a manner then go schedule yourself an appointment for whatever you need to get checked.) 

Then I dropped off paperwork at the pediatrician to be filled out so kids 1 and 3 can go to Boy Scout camp.  But apparently I've forgotten to schedule Kid 1's check up for about the last 2 years and the doctor wouldn't fill out the papers without an office visit so we also went there.  To which Kid 1 complained that he is always the oldest kid in the place and much of the time the only one not in a diaper.  He is absolutely correct but scout camp is knocking on our door with no time to waste so I told him to just go do what has to be done and leave a urine sample on the way out.  

Then I had my own doctor check up where the doctor left me waiting for 90 minutes in a paper gown in the exam room without any decent magazines to read.  And I told her that I birthed all 3 of my babies in less time than that.  And that she now owes me a big favor so can she treat my summer sinus infection while she's at it and just write it down in the chart as an extra lady part?

Anyway, so many doctors, so little summer time.  But we've managed to go to the park and out to eat and swimming a couple of times and we had a fun day at the lake with friends as well.  

And here is where I posed naked for a family picture on our lake day.  

I'm calling this one Naked Mom in a Rocking Chair.  I'm actually in the cutest ever swim suit that I got tons of compliments on - and coordinating floral skirt ready for Hawaii if anyone invites me.  But strapless tops look like nudie shots in photos and I told my host for the day that if anyone asks I'm saying that it was a clothing optional party. 

We'll talk soon, y'all.  Happy second week of summer to you. 

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  1. Continuing to love your posts and your family! You rock the clothing optional look! On Easter Sunday when my son was about 6, we sat several pews back from a family which included mom and two teenage daughters, etc. All three females wore strapless dresses so only bare shoulders could be seen by my son. He asked if it was ok to not wear clothes to church?!


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