Thursday, June 11, 2015

Survey results and an exclusive interview with Fireman Dave

And the survey says....

The results are in and I am a girl in love.  And if I knew who you were and where you lived, I would come to your house and hug you.  And then ask to stay for dinner.  And can I bring the kids?  So consider yourself hugged with words of thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions with me.

Here are the basic survey results....

most of y'all have been reading this blog for more than a year...which tells me you know way too much about the Walters by now.  It also tells me we need to get some new readers on board.  

Most of y'all read less than 5 blogs and I am thankful to be among your choices.  

75% of respondents think that once a week posts are just right.  Lucky for you because that's kinda my master plan anyway.  But 25% of you say you would like to hear from me more often.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  But I don't think I have that many interesting things to say.  

The funny thing is that all of y'all said you enjoy reading the day to day adventures of the pirates and thieves.... and a great number of you like posts that make you think and feel.  But no one voted for posts about Christian faith, which surprises me because most of my posts circle and dance all around that subject anyway.  

Here are some things I knew even before I put the survey out there:

1.  Both men and women read here.  Though I dare to say most of the readers are women because I think that's true of most blogs.  I think men read my stuff to better understand their own women.  And I have no idea if I am any help to you in that at all.  But bonus points to you for trying.  

2.  Some readers actually know me - apart from the blog - and they know I am as normal a person as can be.  Ask them.  They know me from the neighborhood, from church, from being a parent at a common kid event, from work, from family..... and they tell me that they read my stuff and it's an added level of communication between us.  Like a conversation we wouldn't have time to have otherwise. 

3.  Some readers come from afar - like the wisemen traveled to see Baby Jesus.  And some readers I have no idea where they come from.  I just know by the numbers that you're here.  I've gotten comments from places across the world that always surprise and excite me. 

4.  And then finally, there are readers that actually know me - from all the same common places as mentioned above, but they don't tell me they read the blog.  But I know they do because they look at me funny like they've seen me in my underwear and hate to admit it.  I love these readers too, and they are welcome here always. 

And a message from husband, aka, Fireman Dave......

He wants me to tell you that he is not an ogre.  Or a gigolo.  He's worried you might think that.  Especially after the last post .  But I vow to you that he is perfectly wonderful most of the time.  Because none of us are wonderful all the time.   In fact, he is so worried what you think of him that he agreed to sit for an interview with me - to be seen here, exclusively on the blog.  And here it is....

Kristi:  Honey, how would you describe yourself to the people reading the blog?
Husband:  I am a sensitive, empathetic, and passionate individual.

Kristi:  What are you passionate about? 
Husband:  My Wife.  (Long pause for effect and to make sure wife is listening).  Oh, and my children.  

Kristi:  On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your sensitivity?
Husband:  I give myself an 8.  
Kristi:  Especially if you happen to be watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie, right?  That gets to you every time.  

Kristi: How do you feel about being regularly discussed on the blog?
Husband:  I'm fine with it.  It doesn't bother me.  (right shoulder shrug to indicate carefree abandon)

Kristi:  What's your favorite thing about me?
Husband:  That you carry my wallet and keys in your purse.

Kristi:  Would you throw yourself in front of a moving train to save my life?
Husband:  In a heartbeat, my love, because you are the woman of my dreams, lovely in every way, and I can't resist your charms.*

Kristi: Would you put your head in the mouth of a lion to prove your love for me?
Husband:  Hell no.  You'll have to take that new diamond ring as proof enough.**

And the elephant in the room.... Is she or is she not in a mid life crisis?  (Subtitle:  Is Kristi menopausal?  The audience wants to know.)

The answer to both questions is no.  But I think if I am in a crisis of any sort, it started ages ago, as I am the same as I have always been.  A sweet and salty mix like pretzels and chocolate.  And no, I am not menopausal.  But thank you for asking.  Hormonal, yes, I'll give you that one.   My predominant symptoms being skimpy eyelashes and adult acne.

Item #4:  drum roll, please....

Some of y'all are worried about me.  Which you well should be because I live with 4 men who are messy, loud and can't flush toilets.  But that's a small price to pay for this beautiful life I have been given.

There was some question about my moods.  I think women as a species can claim moodiness as an inherited characteristic and wear it like a coat that we take on and off depending on the weather.  But y'all, mostly I am sweet and soft spoken, unless I just finished teaching my 4th class and haven't eaten in hours.  Or the checker at the grocery store won't accept my coupons. 

And when I talk about things that readers may interpret as a mood, that's mostly just me and my emotionally fiery soul.  I am also extremely jealous, snippy, and speak sarcasm as a second language.  But y'all, I'm good.  I'm fine.  Thank you for your concern, it means the world to me.     

And of course things make me sad.  If they didn't, then I'd worry.  I have a heart that feels the good and bad of life, all feelings learned by living through the good and bad of life.  But when I say words like jumping off a ledge in a statement on here, never fear.  I've never been the ledge jumping type.  When I say things like that, I really mean more that I may eat some chocolate chip cookies, or do an extra spin class to get rid of some energy.  Husband says I'm the biggest exaggerator he has ever known.  And to his dismay, kid 2 has inherited that quality from his mama. 

Oh, and just to let you know.... my boys want you to know that they do not think I am funny at all.  

Thank you for responding and for always sharing your valuable time with me.  As always, please feel free to share this blog and invite other readers as well. 

* answer may or may not have been embellished for effect by the interviewer.  

**answer paraphrased.  Husband actually lectured me on how if I truly loved him I would never ask him to put his head in the mouth of lion to prove it.  He has a point.  But he should be wary of invitations to the zoo. 

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