Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What makes you think of summer?

Looks like I've had a few visits to the blog just to make sure I'm still alive.... which I am.  But it's summertime and the livin is easy, except for the 4 encounters with giant roaches in our house and the fact that I still have to work.

And the most exciting thing to happen in the last week or so is that I hung new curtains to coordinate with our drum set in the living room.  (And if you look closely in the picture you will see a lampshade but no lamp because our crazy dog broke it trying to attack the mailman.)

And I had a little too long a conversation with an older gentleman whose swimsuit was falling down.  Which is not uncommon in that group because of all that senior energy splashing around in the pool. 

So he and I chatted a bit, face to face, and I worried that I may accidentally take my eyes off his and get distracted by the goings on down below.  Then he turned to walk away and though I fought back a laugh, I had a towel at the ready in the event he didn't make it to the Mens locker room before full exposure.  Because I am a professional in my field.  

And today I came home from my last class all disgusting and in 4 hour wet pants to find 5 boys on my couch playing video games.  And a big pile of laundry by the washer.  

So I told the boys to get off that screen and do something constructive.  Which ended up being another screen - the dollar movies to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 -  which I heard is prize worthy entertainment if you're 13.  So I dropped them off then ran into Lowe's for something and since there was a crazy person in the parking lot, I decided to stay and shop for flowers.

And the cashier complimented my Prada sunglasses and said I wear them like I belong in Hollywood.... which if not for the cut throat nature of the place and tendency toward substance abuse, she may be onto something.  

And then she asked how much they cost.  And I tried to distract her by discussing the crazy person in the parking lot but then she started playing The Price is Right and trying to guess how much they cost.  And I was ashamed to tell her the truth because just last week we watched a documentary on kids around the world and how they get to school each day.  Two little guys in Africa have to walk 2 hours each way every day - while hiding from elephants in the wild.  Another little girl has to walk 4 hours and carries a live chicken in her bag, presumably so she can cook him for lunch on the way.  So yes, I was ashamed of my sunglasses today though they really do dress up dried sweat hair and no makeup.

Oh, and the 4th of July wasn't much.  Kids 1 and 3 were on the road coming home from far west Texas so kid 2 and I waited for them and then went to eat with Fireman Dave at the station.  He's the full time cook at the station when he's not saving lives and property. 

But we had just sat down to eat when the engine got a run and they all ran out and left me to entertain one of the guy's new girlfriends.  Then they came back and we made a second attempt at eating before the city had another emergency, but didn't make it and the guys all left us again.  So I gave up waiting and decided every man for himself should be the theme of  the evening.  And I had exactly one bite of food and my phone rang - a call from the boys that they had arrived back in town and I needed to go get them.  So I, too, felt just like a fireman for a day and ate like our first responders eat each shift.  About 30 minutes later I came back to cold food on the table, wrapped it up and took it home.  And that was about it for our 4th of July.   

I love summer more than any other season and if I could invite each of you to sit out in my front yard this afternoon in one of my green chairs to enjoy the day, we would listen to the sounds of summer together.... the buzz of cicadas in the trees calling out that they also love the feeling of finally being warm.  

And we would listen to the quiet of the neighborhood and the breeze in the leaves of the giant tree next door.  And we'd drink something cold and talk about our kids and how I just finished the final episode of Bloodline and how now I have no idea what to do with myself.  

And then it would be snack time which today would be the chocolate chip cookies I have baked and waiting on the stove..... Or we could be like my grandmother.... every day each summer we spent with her when I was little. At 3:00 it was a coke, (in a glass bottle that we would later take to the store for our nickel refund), and a Hershey bar.  

I used to like to put my coke in the freezer for a couple of hours leading up the big reveal at 3:00 so when I opened the bottle cap, the frozen pieces would rise from the bottle like a magic coke flavored popsicle.  I loved my Muh and my Granddaddy.  And they loved me.   

Their house was blazing hot with only two window unit air conditioners to cool the entire place.  So I would stand at the sink and run my arms and hands under cold water to cool off.  I also spent a whole lot of time with my face right up in the air conditioner unit trying to breathe.   

And if you and I were younger and not afraid of wrinkling and skin cancer, we would do like I did as a teenager and slather our bodies with baby oil and lay out in the sun until we could only see things in black and white because of all the dangerous UV rays to our eyeballs, and/or until our tan lines were an acceptable shade of dark.

I got so dark one summer that my boyfriend had to stage an intervention.  A heart to heart talk out of love which at the time hurt my savage tanned feelings, but has given me a youthful glow ever since.  I still thank him to this day for my unlined face.

What makes you think of summer?

post script.... there's actually a few other things going on that are not quite as light as a summer breeze.  And I need to think about it some.  And I think I'd like to talk about it soon.  

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  1. Love the memories of being at the grandparents! Our Nana always had a treasure for us-even when I was grown up & had kids, too! Her attic fan "cooled" the whole house-we would lay still in the bed after an afternoon nap, trying to be still & not sweat anymore. Teenage memory-we put "Sun-In" in our hair and baby oil on our skin. Today I use Lady Clairol!


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