Sunday, November 1, 2015

For Halloween I dressed as a lady high on paint fumes and exhausted from the trip there

For Halloween I dressed as a lady high on paint fumes and exhausted from the trip there.  Translated, that means I sat on the front porch in my pajamas and handed out candy.  And that was right where I wanted to be.  

We painted our den this week.  

And by we,... I mean Fireman Dave painted our den this week on his days off.  Let's review, in a dramatic reading....

Me:  Honey we need to paint the den.  
Fireman Dave:  No
Me:  But it's been 12 years and it looks like crap.
Fireman Dave: still no

                 commence with private bargaining and swaying of opinion.....

Me: Maybe we should paint it all white like my favorite home decorating blogger because she did it and says that's what all the world should do.   
Fireman Dave:  I don't think so -  but I'll try because I'm the kind of guy that tries to please his woman.  

                commence with giant sprays of white paint on the walls.  
                                          Failed experiment.   

Me: (With an attitude of excited possibility)  ....  I don't know what color I like.  So I brought home some samples.  
Fireman Dave: OK give me the couple you chose and I'll paint a swatch on the wall
Me: No.  I have seven samples.  I couldn't decide and my new contractor friend from the paint counter at Home Depot says he understands -  Because we talked about your painting frustration and/or your animosity toward me in this situation.  Maybe he wants to marry me and paint my den walls. 

            commence painting giant swatches of multiple colors on the den walls.

Me:  I still can't decide even though we've had 7 giant paint blobs on the wall for two days. Let's just paint it beige.  I heard beige is all purpose and will make our marriage last longer.  

Fireman Dave:    Speechless.  But paints the entire den Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige that still cost a small fortune even after I gave him a 35% off coupon.   

Me:  Accessible Beige looks like the paint they use in funeral homes.  I think in the embalming room.  

Fireman Dave: Can you just live with it for a couple of days to see if you start to like it?

Me:   I'll just go over to the funeral home and sit there for a while to make sure I don't like it.   Maybe I'll lay on the embalming table to get the full effect. 

              commence repainting the room.  Back to it's original color.  

So on Halloween we were still trying to get the house put back together and  preparations made for the kids for the night.  And husband yelled at me when I told him I could see spots of unfriendly Accessible Beige showing through all over the wall.  And he was scary like a giant Halloween monster that has a paint allergy but has been forced to smell it for 5 days straight.  So I went shopping and stayed gone for 4 hours hoping the monster would eat a sandwich and get his blood sugar back up to a normal level before I got home. 

I had an invitation from my sweet friend to come over and hang with some other ladies to talk and eat and whatever other things ladies do best while the kids went trick or treating.  But I declined.  Because I'm weird and I think I could become a hermit if all things worked in my favor toward that end.   

I've always had an impairment in the friend department.  I know lots of people.  And I can be as charming as the next gal.   Maybe even more so than that one lady I saw wearing a t-shirt that said I heart hot moms.  

But then I end up kissing the guy my friend likes when we go out dancing and then she hates me.  (That was in college. But my poor judgment and need to find a new roommate still haunts me)

I think I never passed through the required developmental stages needed to form strong bonds of friendship and trust.  Or maybe it's just that I never could get close enough to anyone to let them really know me.   

I'm trying.  

But here's the good part.  I really have a friend now.  Or should I say, I have a real friend now.  One day she found me wandering the yard of the elementary school and acted like we knew each other forever. 

And I told her not long ago that she came along right when I had been praying for a friend.  Really, really praying for a friend.  Because as hermit like as I tend to be, my heart still needs the companionship of others.  And as much distance as I far too often try to put between me and others, God reminds me time and again that I'm not meant to be alone.  

And for that, I'm thankful.  

Happy November.  I swear,  I was last minute candy buying last night for Halloween and the leftover haunted treats were on one side of the aisle and the Christmas candies were on the opposite.  Y'all, as much as I enjoy a good chocolate Santa, I don't want to forget to be thankful.

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  1. Thankfulness is good. And, I'm thankful for you and your blog!

  2. I needed this more than you know, my friend.


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