Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Now take off your pants

Y'all I seriously almost wrote you an entire post about the dark blonde low lights in my hair.  But fate intervened and I found better and far more practical news to share.   But just know that if you're blog hopping around this week and looking for a little enlightenment of the spiritual sort or otherwise.... you and you alone can decide if you actually found any here or not. 

To add closure to what I know you desperately want to know... yes I did wash all my slipcovers on the den furniture and got them put back on in record time - a.k.a bedtime/time for the dog to sleep on them.  I also, armed with a staple gun and some fabric stuff... padded the arms of the couch so now they look like new.  However, though the couch smells at least 10 times better than it did, and has shapely sculpted arms, once it was all put back together and I witnessed the combined weight of Fireman Dave and Kid 1 sitting on it... I decided we desperately need a new couch.  Washing and refreshing does not bring a couch back to it's previous life no matter what Pinterest says. 

Now if it's family movie night at your house and you have all kinds of sweet plans involving cozy blankets and fresh baked brownies, but you let your significant other pick the movie, you might be able to scare your teenage boys enough to make them beg to sleep in your bed that night.  Fireman Dave chose a movie called The Visit.  You should watch it.  Just keep a light on while you do.  Also if you get up in the night, right as everyone is trying to go to sleep,  and crawl on your hands and knees into your kids bedroom really quiet, re-creating a scene from the movie, they'll both love you and hate you all at the same time.  But I promise you'll laugh harder than you have in a very long time.

And today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I have nothing to say about that -  Other than telling you about that time that I was a freshman in college and this older fella asked me to some sort of MLK Day discussion and rally.  

Does this young girl look like she attends very many events involving picket signs?  Anyway, I said no and he never called me again.  I think he took my rejection as a statement of societal proportions when in reality it was just a statement of my zero interest in anything involving discussing and rallying.  He just had me all wrong.  

And finally, - how to have a family reunion in the Tuesday Morning store.  It can be done; It really happened;  And it was a good surprise for me to see someone that I've always loved.

I ran into the Tuesday Morning store by my house looking for the match to a rug that I saw at a different store location.  I didn't find the rug but I found my cousin Sherrie.  We have the same great grandparents and Melton was the name of our noble ancestry.  At family reunions, we had our own version of a playground rhyme that went something like this....

We are the Melton girls, 
We wear our hair in curls
We wear our dungarees above our knees.
We wear our Daddy's shirts,
We are the biggest flirts.
We are the Melton girls...

Totally cute in a 1970's young girl wearing knee socks and cut off jeans sort of way.  I loved our summer reunions and the holidays where we had such a giant group of togetherness and everyone got all dressed up in long dresses and fell asleep to the sounds of the older people talking all night long.  

I thought my older cousins were the best.  Until I let a couple of them cut my hair one time on a family camp out and I lost all respect for their ability to tell the truth as well their ability to make it in the hair business.  But that was ages ago and time has gone by so quickly -  and I wish I had done a better job of keeping up those relationships. 

It's even been harder these last few years as I've had to be away from any of that part of my family in order to stay away from a couple of  bad apples in the bunch.   So needless to say, Sherrie and I had a lot of catching up to do and we did it right there in the Tuesday Morning store for about one and a half hours of nonstop talk.  We shut the place down, wished for refreshments along the way, and had, about half way through our visit, parked ourselves in the store's patio furniture display so we could be a little more comfortable.  The store lady finally asked us to leave about 30 minutes after closing time so she could go home.  It was really an act of kindness for her to allow us to stay that long, and I really mean that.  She said we looked like we needed that time, so she gave it to us.  Y'all.  There is just goodness all around if we take time to notice it. 

In our visit we mostly talked about all the crazy people we know... most of whom are related to us.  That took up a whole chunk of the visit.. and if you know any of my people, I know you completely understand why.  

And she told me about being at a family wedding rehearsal at the arboretum.  And how she was kinda watching from the sidelines with the fiance' of her niece, who is just, as I understand it, trying to find his way in this family.  So it seems Sherrie told this young man that she really would like to sit down on a particular rock nearbybut it's really covered in moss so,.... can you, young and unsuspecting fiance' of said niece,  please take off your shirt so I can sit on it? 

And he politely told her that he was, regretfully,  not wearing any other layers so he was both surprised and unprepared for that request.  But she told him that he's in Texas now and everybody runs around without a shirt in nice places like the Dallas Arboretum. Oh so like a woman to scramble the truth to fit her needs.  I should know. 

Then I told her she should've told him to take off his pants.  Just for laughs because that honestly sounds hilarious to me.  Welcome to the family.  Now take off your pants.  

Y'all, I was thinking about all that this morning.  About how often I've let things get past me out of obligation or fear.  Maybe even habit.  How I've accepted requests or demands because I feel like I can't say no.  I think there was a time when I didn't know how to say no.   But I do now.  The angels in heaven are rejoicing over that exact statement.  

I think some of us just don't practice our No's enough.  Especially with someone in authority or power or influence.  Or maybe even family.  Or at work.  Maybe it's a friend that makes you feel like you need to say yes all the time... when you really feel in your heart that you need to say no.  

And maybe most of the time it's all okay - till they ask you to take your proverbial pants off.  And then.  THEN, you have to decide if you're willing to give that much. 

I described myself to my cousin last night as peacefulNotice I didn't say at peace.  I think that's different.  I felt for the longest time, an obligation to go and see and do and respond and talk and sit and be present in places where I didn't feel at home.  And I didn't know how to change it.  

So life did it for me.  In a not so pretty way.  But I have to remind myself of the fact that God didn't call me to be timid in this life.  He called me to be bold in what I believe and in what I know.  He called me to be a person that stands firm in protecting my faith and my family, a person that doesn't back down at the threat of conflict.  

And, might I add, He spent a lifetime whispering that call in my ear, my mind, my heart....  Knocking me down time and again to finally get me strong enough to stand up and answer.   

I've shared this verse with you before.  For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.  2 Timothy 1:7 

I really like that one.  Y'all it says it right there.  We were never meant to live fearful lives.  We were never meant to be afraid to make the right choices for ourselves and our families.

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