Sunday, January 3, 2016

We live large around here at the holidays

New Years for me....

It's always the same thing.  The time of the year where the smell of the old towels and bath mats makes me sick and sends me running to the nearest store for their New Years Day white sale extravaganza to replace everything.  

It's also the time of year that I drive my kids crazy by making them work at things that they never even knew existed.  Like moving their beds to sweep all the past year's collection of odds and ends out from behind it.  And then they grumble that life is just too hard and that no one else's mom makes them do stuff like this.  And I tell them that they should've asked for a new mother for Christmas.   

We then go through the house and get rid of anything that hasn't moved in a while assuming that it is no longer wanted or loved.  We throw away old clothes, expired spices and medications, and this time around for the first time in about 10 years, the boys nasty #$$ toilet seat was replaced but I made Kid 1 do it so he would truly appreciate all that I do regularly to keep this place sanitary.  Also because Fireman Dave was at work and because if you remember, I only clean the boys' bathroom in the dark so I can't see what I'm touching and I couldn't use tools and such in the dark for said toilet seat replacement.  

We live large around here at the holidays as you can tell.  

And Christmas came and went with a little disappointment on my part.  I think I don't understand it anymore.  Here's a quick summary of Christmas break around here so far.  You can totally sing it if you like but it might make you hate Christmas. 

On the first day of Christmas, yada yada yada.... 800 boys in a tent in my backyard

On the second day of Christmas...... 2 Kids that probably failed this semester of math

Third day... Kid 3 online shopping for crazy expensive shoes that he's never getting for Christmas

Fourth.... One billion dollars paid to the dentist for Kid 1 and Kid 3's cavity fillings

Fifth - Kid 2 asking for an insanely priced i-phone...that he is also never getting for Christmas

Sixth - 6 boys playing all day video games in my den

Seven - Seven pounds of candy that the dog ate out of the stocking she ripped apart with her teeth

Eighth - another trip to the dentist to replace Kid 1's filling that fell out

Ninth - the realization that Kid 2 only had one gift under the tree

Tenth - a giant electronic piano keyboard for Kid 2 to make up for only having one gift under the tree

11th - one pan of fudge dropped on the kitchen floor

and finally, the 12th day of Christmas - lots of scary storms and sad people everywhere.   

I told husband that next year we should go with no gifts.  He says I say that every year.  But I really mean it this time.  I was saying to someone in the gym bathroom last week that I just don't understand Christmas anymore.  And another lady looked at me like she was about to tell me the story of good news and tidings of great joy, but I stopped her.  I already know that part, y'all.  I know the Jesus part of the story.  I just don't see him anywhere in the rush of people trying to get into the mall.  Or the traffic the entire month of December.  Or the increase in sales emails I get trying to get me to shop more and more and more.  I can't shop for Jesus.  

Though I was at Hobby Lobby back in November and the gal in front of me bought a new Christmas tree and a large sized nativity scene.  So the cashier said over the intercom, Al.. I need a 8 foot tree and a baby Jesus at the front of the store please.  So yes, technically we can shop for Jesus at Christmas, but not the way I'm trying to find him.  

 I'm trying to find him in time spent with family. I'm trying to find him not only in our traditional attendance of the Christmas Eve service at our church, but in my kids' desire to attend the Christmas Eve service at church.  I'm trying to find him in voluntary acts of giving and kindness and maybe raking leaves for our neighbor with some health problems.  I'm looking for him in the ways people act toward each other, not just around the holidays, but every day.  I'm looking for him not in our decorations and lights and baking and giving, but somewhere that I seem to be missing these past years.  

Today is Epiphany Sunday, the Sunday before the actual date of Epiphany.  Epiphany being the 12th day of Christmas, like in the song,  - the 12th day after Christmas when we recognize the arrival of the three wise men visiting the baby Jesus..  

I forget things like this because I'm too busy insanely putting away all the Christmas decorations to get my house back in order.  But it was that visit by the 3 Kings, the wise men, that set some important events in place.  It was that visit that made King Herod lose his mind looking for his new rival.  And it was this news that there was a new king in town that made King Herod realize his worst fear, was the fear of change.  His fear of being replaced was big enough, but the thought of giving up his royal lifestyle made him willing to kill to protect it.  (If you've never read any particulars on the history of King Herod, let me just summarize for you.  He was quite a character, leaning more toward the vile and offensive side of life than what we would normally consider royal behavior.  Look him up, the man was a mess.)  

I may or may not be a direct descendant twice removed from that mean ol' King, though, since I obviously carry a similar fear of change.   I don't look at each new year with new resolutions.  I tend to consider January 1st of the new year simply the next day after December 31.  Nothing more.  I don't like to look back and reflect on what I've accomplished or lost.  And I don't like guessing what the days ahead may bring.  I find that stuff scary.  

To me that's the biggest challenge of faith.  

post script... I am a big believer, however, in eating my New Year's black eyed peas just in case.  

post post script... these are all pictures of Christmas day at the fire station.  The boys love it.  I sometimes love it.  Husband always loves it when we come see him.         

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  1. Kristi - As always, you give a written voice to so many of my thoughts. Heads-up to your sweet sons, they may need to be careful about wishing for a new mom. Blessings to all of you in 2016. -- Lynne

  2. so it has been, ummm, 13 days since you wrote this comment and I am 13 days more of a terrible blogger for not properly responding till now. Would you believe I was on a round the world trip to places with no internet access? Nah, me neither.
    Thank you for always supporting my efforts on here. And I will definitely tell the boys what you said about not trading me in for a more agreeable mom model.


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