Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I was just trying to take a shower

I can honestly say that it's the day to day stuff that's the hardest thing about parenting.  Looking back over 15 years, though, it seems like it was easy enough.  But when I was right there in the middle of having three kids ages 3 and under, days could either fly by or be an endless parade of blood, sweat and tears. A combination of mine and the kids'.  

There were many days when the boys were little when I would wake up and wonder how on earth I was going to fill all the hours - and even get a little panicky over it.  I was just remembering when I would open up the back window of our little Honda CRV parked in the driveway,  and put the boys in there like it was a playpen.  And I would finally get to sit down in a lawn chair and relax.   The back of that car and a few toys was good for at least 30 minutes of rest on a pretty day.  

Just coming up with new ideas to use up all the energy when they're little is huge.  I remember... And I'm glad I'm past that stage. I remember being completely exhausted and taking the kids over to my mom's house so she could entertain them for a while and let me take a nap.  I couldn't have done all those young years without her help.  

And now that the boys are older and I'm back at work much of the day, I get tired just the same.  So if you're still in the early kid stages, and looking forward to a future of kid independence and parental rest, don't get too excited yet.  Now they can stay awake forever and totally outlast you.  

This was the week of broken glass around the Walters house.  And all of it could've been avoided had I thought to remove every pillow and couch cushion within a five mile radius.  Tonight's broken glass was the result of a fight between Kid 2 and Kid 3.  Kid 3 threw a basketball at Kid 2's head.... same story, different day.  So there was a giant beating with a bed pillow followed by Kid 3 crying, and me sweeping and vacuuming broken glass for the second time in a week.  

The first time was just a few days earlier.  I was just trying to take a shower ... says every mother on the planet.... when Kid 1 ran in to tell me that the end of the world had arrived in our den.   

Which just proves that a tile shower in a 1950's house is both solid and sound proof because the destruction in the den was severe.  A friendly pillow fight gone wrong sent a nameless guest running out the door and away from responsibility .....  and exactly 2 billion shards of glass ceiling fan lights strewn from here to everywhere.  

And the funny thing is that while I hated all the clean up and was debating whether jail time would be necessary for those involved, Kid 2 hugged me and said he was thankful to have a mom to help with things like this.  Same kid that a few weeks ago told me he needed me to help him with a problem involving a girl and situation he couldn't get out of.  Which are never words the mom of a teenage boy likes to hear.   (Happened to be that he just needed to buy Valentine gifts for two young ladies - and needed me to drive him to the grocery store.  Pronto.  Now I hope he doesn't ask me how to pare down the two young ladies to one.)

But y'all, cleaning up the messes this week, I guess I vacuumed with a joyful heart. Which is heaven come down to earth in it's purest form, I'm sure.  In the form of grace that creates a calm where there may otherwise be none. 

And I really have come to understand that my reactions to events and situations with the boys has a whole lot to do with the outcome of each day.  Doing the math, it works out something like this .... 

Each day... multiplied by my choice of anger, frustration or worry   


Each day... multiplied by my choice of a positive attitude, forgiveness and understanding 


 a lifetime of valuable lessons for my kids 

Luckily I actually enjoy vacuuming.

post script... broken glass story #3.... The one where I almost ate glass and died.   

I've had a favorite, beautiful salad bowl for almost 20 years.... 

I didn't notice the giant crack in the bowl a few days ago, till I poured in the spinach, added a few other things ... and then noticed something sparkly.  And it wasn't one of those special love stories where a girl finds a diamond ring in her spaghetti.... it was a sharp sliver of glass about 1/4 inch long.... very thin... and extremely dangerous staring up at me all mixed in with feta cheese and dried cranberries.  And I saw visions of my lacerated liver flash before my eyes.  Y'all... the salad gods were watching over me that day.

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