Sunday, April 3, 2016

If I didn't already have a husband

This has been one of those weekends that if I didn't already have a husband to help out with things... I would've put on my best dress and gone out to find one.  Really.  

Fireman Dave ended up taking a sick day to take care of us all around here because I injured myself at work last Thursday.  Or maybe I slept crazy Thursday night, but by Friday morning I knew all was not well.  So I've been pretty much useless around here for three days and have said such things as I need one of those elevated potty chairs and the most often repeated, I can't put on my pants.  Fireman Dave says pants are overrated anyway so I know he's on my side through this.  

Our sweet dog, Rita has been terribly sick again as well and we really worried she might die last night.  She always has certain tummy problems but on this occasion and two others in the past, has gotten something called hemorrhagic-gastroenteritis, an awful illness that makes fluid, protein, and red blood cells seep out of the intestinal wall.  So she became very dehydrated, very tired and weak.  It got so bad that Fireman Dave had to give her an IV during the night to get any sort of fluid in her.  I'm convinced that's what saved her.  And that he's  a miracle worker on many levels. 

About an hour ago my sweet Rita got up and walked around all by herself and the angels rejoiced.  So did we.  That little walk out to the yard exhausted her, though, so she's not quite 100%.  But that seems to be the case for all the Walters women today. 

Now if husband could only work his magic on me, all would be back to life as we know it.  Really, I'm much better today.  Not working tomorrow to make sure I don't have to start the healing process again, but Tuesday will be great. 

I'm thankful today for the help of a man who doesn't mind seeing me in my pajamas for three days straight and doesn't comment negatively when I ask him to slide the heating pad under my backside.    

Good things are everywhere and I can't wait to get up and see some of them.  

Y'all have a good week.

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