Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summertime and the living is .... rainy

This week I thought I would just give y'all a few highlights of the beginning of summer for the Walters family.  

Summertime and the living is .... rainy.  

Our power went out last week.  Maybe because Kid 3 caused a smallish explosion trying to microwave poptarts in their foil wrapper.  Or it could be because of the weather.  Both are acts of God, I think.  

Here is today.  I sent Kid 1 out in the flood to take a picture but he took a picture of something else and this is what I ended up snapping out my window just now after it almost all drained.  Looks like my next door neighbor got out the kayak in case she needs to paddle away. 

And I am most thankful that I made it out of the grocery store before the flood.  I am also thankful I only saw one person I know in the store because while in there I decided I didn't like my outfit and that I kinda looked like a teenage girl in her pajamas.  Except for the parts of me that no longer look like a teenage girl, of course.  

Here is also today.  And every day.  

This is the afternoon laundry piled on my bed.  Kid 3 couldn't get himself up and ready for church this morning so I took away his phone and all other toys and he stayed home and folded about 3 baskets while Kids 1, 2 and I sang praises to our Lord.  I sang particular praises that I was not home folding the morning laundry.  Every year the laundry grows in the summer as does the number of times I have to run the dishwasher.  It's a happy kind of crazy that one day I feel sure I will miss, but today I would enjoy a personal assistant. 

And maybe a nanny that isn't afraid of the boys of summer and has more energy than I do.

I took them to the pool Friday afternoon after work and it was a gorgeous day though the broken thermometer in my car said it was 113 degrees.  I got in the pool with them for a while till about 200 small children took over the deep end and I felt overcome with anxiety.  So I got out and lounged and read a book - and wasted about an hour on Facebook. 

Yesterday we went to the Fair Park 80th anniversary celebration and it was a really nice event.  I hope you got to go too if you're in Dallas.  Kid 1's guitar teacher was in one of the bands playing there and we enjoyed seeing him.  But they were playing 1920's and 30's dance music and no one would dance with me so I got mad/sad and left that venue promising to sign Fireman Dave up for dance lessons.  

We also rode the Ferris wheel which was free this weekend and would usually cost our family about $60 for the experience.  

And you know the Walters are all about free and reduced cost experiences so here we are at the top.   

Here's Kid 2, Kid 4 and Kid 1 pretending they aren't on the Ferris wheel with their mom.  

Then we stayed a little while for the main concert which pointed out to Fireman Dave another glaring difference in the two of us.  He likes loud concerts and I do not.  So we technically stayed for about 2 minutes because I think he hated me at that moment.  But he's always the gentleman and would never say those exact words.  He just sighs really loud and tries not to look straight at me till his frustration passes.  I know this pattern from years of experience.   

And I call this one, Mom is the shortest person in the family.  We all went downtown last week on an urban scavenger hunt and it turned out to be lots of fun.  It was also lots of hot and we paused the hunt after two hours because our parking meter ran out.  But we plan to finish it soon.  I actually bought this one on Groupon from Urban Adventure Quest and I highly recommend it for families, teens and anyone else who just wants to learn more about your town.  They had hunts in so many major cities that you just might have one in your town, too. 

Anything else? Absolutely.  And this is the best.  

I sat by the pool Friday afternoon and fell totally in love with my kids all over again.  And I think that's what love is all about.  Starting again and again every time we need to be renewed and refreshed.  Three brothers playing together, the beautiful sunshine, a warm breeze and a lounge chair painted a gorgeous picture of how lucky I am.   And I could feel my smile all the way inside my chest as I was so thankful for that exact moment.

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