Saturday, June 25, 2016

Today I am a girl of few words - sharing two links from my other sites today

Today I am a girl of few words.  Since I used them all up this week on the two posts that were due.  Today I think I'll not write.  And maybe I'll not cook or clean house, either.  

Y'all, here's my latest on the Wilshire blog:

I always say that there's nothing more fun than a retirement party in the backyard of the fire station.
Totally kidding; I never say that. But I actually was at a retirement party in the backyard of the fire station a few weeks ago and I can't quit thinking about it.  You can read more here....

And here's my latest on the Dallas Moms Blog: 

Dear   ………. ,
I thought your mom’s memorial service was beautiful and such a wonderful reflection of her.  I hope that you and your siblings left the church today seeing her a little differently than before, more through the eyes of so many of us who love her.  I say LOVE in the present tense because I will always love your mom. She was my dearest friend and one of life’s greatest gifts to me.  
You have so many of her wonderful qualities and I am proud of you for that. I know how much of a help you’ve been around the house lately and it takes a special person to take on those responsibilities at your age.  Keep up the good work, support your dad, and love your brothers and sister.  Those are the things your mom would want from you …… 

This is a note I sent to the teenage daughter of my friend last weekend, as she, her siblings and her dad are trying to start a new life after losing a wife and mother to metastatic melanoma.  You can read more here....

Everyone have a beautiful weekend.  We're celebrating a birthday around here for Kid 1.  But I decided if I keep telling the world how old my kids are then everyone will start calculating how old I am - so that info is classified.  

Cake for everyone to celebrate the joy of the everyday.  

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