Sunday, November 6, 2016

She's Still Got It.... says the strange man at the eye doctor

Okay everyone.... look around and note the beauty that is my new blog.  Then breathe in the clean, white space air and explore the entire page.  If you're on your laptop you'll see a big giant picture of me.  I actually think this one accentuates my years of tanning myself on the roof, but I did it and the dermatologist told me I would pay the price for my choices one day.  My teenage self just didn't believe him.  #TeenagersAreStupid

If you're reading from your phone, scroll down through meadows of soothing colored words and lots of pink and enjoy what appears to be a walk through early spring.   And my picture down below, this  time looking like I just laid out on the trampoline in my backyard.  That was my favorite sunning spot. 

I love it.  

The change comes with a reason and an even bigger dream.  Y'all, I've come to realize that as the kids grow older, my stories have to be more about my own journey than theirs.  The boys have to become characters in my play, in a way - while I remain the author.  And I want all my fun stories and experiences to be spread into a true life guide that can make someone else feel like they're doing the most okayest job at parenting that they can.  I want to write a book.  And it is, as I type, rolling all around in my head.  But don't ask me when... because that's totally like asking me what's for dinner.  I just don't know right now. 

Now... today's big news..... 

I went into the eye doctor and came out with a man.  No, really.  No, not really.  I left him in the eye place looking at new glasses frames, and I snuck out all sneaky like hoping he wouldn't see what car I got into.  But for an ego boost, a girl can't go at all wrong with a man in the eye doctor who tells her She's Still Got It....  

Yay for me still having IT !  First he complimented my hair and my smile and told me that contact lenses are a much better idea with eyes like mine - you know - don't hide that light under a bushel and all that.  And I was totally like, Keep talking, mister,... you had me at good hair.  Then he asked me out on a real live date.  And I panicked and I think I waved my wedding ring around all nervously and told him Fireman Dave doesn't like it when I go out on dates without him.  

Then I came home and made my kids cringe at the thought that their mother is an actual girl and not invisible like they like to imagine.  And I told Fireman Dave that I am wanted by strange men in eye doctor offices everywhere.  And then when I got over myself, I heard my wonderful husband's words in my head, repeating all those same sweet words to me all the time - except for the recommendation of contact lenses over glasses.  That was a first for me.  

But the truth is that I far too often ignore my own husband's words as words of necessity and obligation, and act like they're not genuine.  I  guess the dynamic of men and women is often too much like that of kids and parents.  My kids always believe things more when they come from someone else than when they come from me.  Dear Me,.... lesson learned.   

Oh my gosh, it was another rough week of mothering at the Walters house.  You may have felt it far and wide, especially last Tuesday morning when the ground shook with distress over the goings on in our home.  Again, short version..... a missing rubber wrist band, two bad kids, and all of us trying to get out the door before 7:45 in the morning.  I was exactly two inches away that morning from taking out a FOR SALE  ad for the worst two pirates in the bunch.  But I totally know how that works - the two that are bad today are the two that are good tomorrow.  It's a total grab bag of children.   

Which is a perfect transition for us this week.  Let us pray....

Dearest Lord in Heaven, as you watch over us this week, making fools and asses of ourselves with all our political might, please help us to remember this.... 

We don't know what will happen.  But you already do.  

Voting, not fussing, is the only way to bring about change.  Help us vote not only with our hearts but also with our heads.  And then take it away, it's now yours to work with and ours to support.   

Bless and empower the winner, bless and empower the loser, as we're all in this together.  

And help us to remember that we can contribute to the good of your world or we can take away from it.  


Now everybody go vote and be proud that you did something good.  Have a good week, friends.  

(I voted early because #1, I'm smart that way.  And #2, the voting day weather forecast includes an onslaught of heavy crowds mixed with a hail storm of grumpy people.  I'll be at home watching it all on TV.)

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  1. Kristi - You know I always love your posts, but this may be my favorite for several reasons...Your words reminded me that I take for granted the words of my husband when he compliments me, etc. My children are a bit older than yours, but they are still "children, ok, young adults" who still need parenting which can be frustrating. And most of all, I agree with your political sentiments. These are crazy times I never thought we'd ever see. I, too, voted early and am placing all in the lap of our Heavenly Father. Is it ok to say, God bless him?! Lynne B.

    1. God bless us one and all I say.... I wonder in times like this if God ever decides he needs to hide in the bathroom - the way I used to do when the kids were little and I needed some time alone to think.


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