Monday, November 28, 2016

typing something out really quick so y'all don't think I'm dead

First of all, I am wounded and a little mad about the whole thing.  And I couldn't type to save my life for about a week.  It's a high level deltoid strain, and I'm thinking even possibly a tear.  But I swore off doctors years ago when that young lady doctor sent me to the ER and told me not to wiggle around too much on the way or my scary pulmonary embolism might explode and kill me between her office and there.  Y'all, I didn't have a pulmonary embolism  - and I had just spent the better part of two hours trying to convince the fresh out of med school doctor of that.  Add to that the fact that I had a 4 month old at home and I wasn't ready to die.  It was just plain old respiratory stuff like I get all the time and I didn't have to go to med school to make that diagnosis.  Anyway, I'm gonna ride this shoulder injury out on my own as long as possible - just in case you were wondering why I look like I want to cry when I reach for something or try to do a pushup.  And lesson learned,  I won't be bandaging anymore because it was totally like a kid wearing a bandaid today for the sake of getting bandaid attention.  

Here's a quick review of our Thanksgiving festivities. 

It involved a whole lot of football and fish.  I could just wrap it all up there and you'd get the picture.

I didn't know I was going out of town to go fishing.  But when you rent a house and there's not a whole lot around but a lake, fishing wins over endless football watching every time.  My daddy would be so proud. 

We drove to Austin to meet cousins, in-laws, and the like.  There were 15 of us on the trip - and it went a little something like this:  Out of the 15, 11 were male.  7 of those were teenage boys.  One of them love sick in the worst possible way and borderline miserable to be around.  Do with that whatever you want, but then send me tips on how to handle such a situation.  Said kid happens to be mine.   

The order of events rolled along like charades, eat a little, go fishing.  Have a no-hands-allowed cake eating contest, shoot a potato cannon out into the water, eat some more and go fishing again.  I also sat in on a catfish cleaning lesson which has now turned me into more of a vegetarian than ever.  And I got carsick for the first time in forever because we all know Fireman Dave has it out for me on long drives. 

But I had some nice visits and some quiet time to reflect.  And I've proven that I can sit on a boat dock for hours, fishing pole in hand, and not think about a single thing of importance.  Maybe that's the magic of fishing.  Maybe that's the magic of being thankful.  

post script... I still love my job, injuries aside.  And in the grand scheme of work injuries, I've had worse.  I think I just need a fashionable sling to coordinate with my outfits.

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