Thursday, January 19, 2017


Did you ever see the movie, Elephant Man?    I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being!  Which is exactly what I would like to tell every single person who sees me outside the gym and acts like it's the first time I've ever taken a shower.  

I'm obviously one inch shy of hideous at work.  

So this past week, as many times before over the years, I ran into some regulars from the gym, but outside in the real world.  This time at the post office. And I walked right past them and said a polite hello - in my cute maxi dress with adorable son by my side.   And it wasn't till I was leaving that they recognized me as... well, ME

Sometimes it's at the grocery store or out somewhere with my family.  And in those times and in real clothes, I'm almost always a stranger.  Incognito, with some painted on eyelashes.  And I even managed to catch a man... is my regular response when they step back and look all shocked that I'm, um... kinda okay. 

But truth be told, none of the messy work look even comes close to bothering me.  Because I love what I do.  And I think it shows.  I hope it shows.  And I hope it shines brighter than any sweat ever could. 

And I honestly think that I would rather be known for the person that I am - all the time - rather than the one represented by an outfit or a certain look.  But I have to ask myself if the qualities that I wish to be known for are

#1)  positive, encouraging and giving - albeit with a side of sarcasm that I couldn't stop even if I tried.  And...

 #2)  are they qualities that could and would be recognized in me no matter what, where or when

This afternoon I decided to write a little post about how I can't write a bigger post this week.  And I decided to write that post sitting here on a rainy afternoon in my pajamas.  Because I can't think of much that makes me happier than my pajamas.  But really because I can't compete with all the social media posts quoting the great lines of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  - Yes, I have a dream, but it's quite insignificant in comparison... and come to think of it, my sleepy time dreams last night were bordering on the weird and disturbing. 

And Lord help us all, I can't even come close to the media attention given to our future president and all the attention, for better or for worse, this week's events will bring.  I've taken to wearing my Me For President t-shirt just in case I need to stand in at the last minute. Y'all, I stand ready with a servant's heart.

But here's what I can give.  I can give a reminder of the hope that is in each one of us when we choose to look for it.  I can make mention of God's forever faithfulness even in the craziest of times.  And I can try my darndest to be an example of what I would like to see in the world. 

Or I can sit back and watch all of Facebook and Instagram try to make sense of it all this week by sharing other people's thoughts, opinions, and sideways derived knowledge.  I vote no on that option because - just no. 

I would rather ask this of you - and especially me, .... sometime this week, give of yourself.  Give your own words that encourage and dispel rumor and false truths.  Stop the ridiculous sharing of memes that are just.... ridiculous, and make you look not your very best.  Stop arguing.  Stop fanning the flames of doubt and anger that are everywhere already,  ready to ignite given the right conditions. 

In fact, just stop.  Stop long enough to ask if what you are about to write or speak or share is adding anything positive to someone's day.  Ask if the first person to hear your words would walk away with a smile and a loving heart because of what you gave them.  Then ask if you have something else of more value to give.  I like to think that I do most of the time, but when all else fails, you know what?  I write about my hair.  Or nothing at all.  I think that's a pretty good recipe to follow. 

Y'all, we are all given the same chance to change a life each day.  And we all start out with the same heart..... And I know that good + strong = a desire to spread joy rather than promoting ignorance and hate.  

This week I hope to be known as the girl who smiles a lot at work and who never leaves the house each morning before saying I love you to my people.  And my dog.  And may I go down in history this week as the blogger that said nice things.  Or said nothing at all.

 And that's about it.

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