Wednesday, March 22, 2017

But I can fix that problem!

A couple of mid week housekeeping things.... and I'm not talking about vacuuming. 

In the first two days of this week I have managed to access a very graphic porn site (more on that later) and get an unexpected in-office medical procedure.  Which are two things I have always said were my favorite ways to start a new work week.

The porn thing - was totally accidental.  Totally eye opening.  And totally time consuming as I then had to run a malware scan on my laptop to make sure I didn't get any more porn surprises.  Y'all, here's a quick lesson in internet safety.  DON'T TRUST ANYTHING.  Basically, just do yourself a big ol' favor and when you do a google search for places in town that buy old gold jewelry - don't choose the one at the top of the list.  There might be something on there remotely related to gold, but I'm pretty sure it's probably being worn by a naked woman named Candy.

But all is well now, and lesson learned.

And the in-office procedure thing.....  totally not what I went in for, but came out with anyway.  Now I'm spending the day at home with a bag of frozen green beans on my affected areas and trying to tell myself that I won't always look like Beast from Beauty and the Beast.  But I got to go back to bed after getting the boys off to school, and then I spent the day at home in hiding, cleaning closets and filing important documents from years gone by.

But we've run out of milk and some other necessities so I plan to teach Kid 3 how to use my debit card this afternoon so he can go in the store and I can lay low in the car.  But he's the natural born shopper out of the three and now that he has my personal spending info, I feel I'll need to check on my bank balance more regularly.

And lastly, let me say how much I appreciate everyone who comments and emails and such about blog posts that speak to them in a personal way.  There's always a pattern with my posts - the ones that are the saddest or contain my tell - all stories, get the most reads.  That means my darkest secrets get out to the most people.  I understand that.  I also understand that I have always thought of this blog as a mission, not so much as a message platform.  I'm always happy to know that the things I say here go on to better places.

BUT... it's also important to know that even if you LIKE me on Facebook - or my Angels, Pirates and Thieves Facebook page - that Facebook chooses who to share my posts withThat means you aren't guaranteed to get them each time.  In fact, if you have LIKED my Angels, Pirates and Thieves Facebook page, and I post on there, Facebook shares it only with a tiny percentage of my readers.  Sometimes they share it with ZERO - then they ask me to pay them to share it with others.  That's exactly why some of the bigger bloggers out there get so much press.  It's usually paid press - or, in Facebook words, a sponsored post.  

But I can fix that problem!  I can tell you how to subscribe to my blog posts via email so you can be the very first to know about my preferred porn sites fun and eventful days.  Sounds promising, I know.

Subscribe to Angels Pirates and Thieves email posts HERE.

I hope you'll think about it.  Once again, I can't see who reads or who subscribes, in case you're wondering.  And email addresses go through a subscription service, which is good because I'd totally forget to email you when my swelling goes down.

Y'all have a good week and be careful out there.  Life is such an adventure.

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  1. I once Googled Sam Elliot, the actor. At work.'t recommend doing that. Just look him up on IMDB when you can't remember the name of that movie.

    Actually, I think that was in the glory days of Netscape, but knowing how porn sites manage to stay up on technology, I'm sure the Googles will handily find the other Sam Elliot for you today, too!

  2. Now you've got me curious in an odd sort of way. AND,... I happen to LOVE Sam Elliot by the way.


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