Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy almost spring...

You know what?  Spring is in the air and I can't wait to spend some much needed time with this family over spring break.  So I'm not writing a lot and for long, because you have to get busy lovin on your own people and soaking up every minute you can with them, too.  I hope it's doing something fun.  I'll try to post a few pictures on Instagram of things we see and do.  Or just of our kids looking bored.  You never know.  @angels.pirates.and.thieves

This week I just have a couple of little news reports  -

1.  the antique mirror hanging above our bed fell again and could've totally chopped my head off.  Luckily I was not in the bed - loosely translated meaning, I narrowly escaped death by said mirror for the second time since I bought that thing at a garage sale.  I'm not risking a third.  And another rug is history - once again, just helping us to clear the excess out of the house so we don't have to pack it or move it come construction time. 

2.  I had the nicest conversation with a man in the express lane at the Tom Thumb.  He let me go ahead of him in line, in exchange for him commenting on the unhealthy food choices in my basket.  Think cookies, donuts and ice cream sandwiches.  I assured him that I would not eat it all by myself, and that in fact if I would like even a single cookie, I would have to hide it in a top secret location to protect it from the boys. 

But then we had a lovely time talking about this and that and it left me feeling like we're both a little bit lonely for good conversation and a friendly smile at the grocery store and beyond. 

3.  And Kid 3 got thrown in school jail, In School Suspension, for not having his ID badge.  But the school didn't call to tell us that he would be in a holding pattern the entire day and missing all his classes, so I had to take care of that in the conversation with the principal to follow.  Turns out Kid 3, in his desperate attempt to save himself from lock up,  also tried to borrow a friend's ID badge and claimed that it belonged to him.  However, I just don't see the resemblance.  He chose a friend that looks an awful lot like like this...

So I can understand the principal's frustration at telling the two of them apart and all - but my point was that no kid should have to spend the entire day in school jail and miss all his important classes for not having his ID.  Especially since said kid has been going to that school for 2 years and it would be very easy to walk him to any teacher or administrator and identify him as a student on that campus.  So all said and done, conversation complete - Kid 3 was restored to the regular student body for the following day and all his unexcused absences that were given were forgiven. 

But thinking about my conversation with the man at the grocery store one minute, and minutes later, my talk with the school, what came to mind was that Y'all, we lack community.  We are terribly lacking in connection and understanding and togetherness.  And those are a few of the things I think every single one of us is looking for. 

I think that when the school or work or wherever gets so caught up in the policy of a subject, that they lose sight of the actual subject? ...... no one wins.  I miss the days of being familiar with family and neighbors and the manager at the grocery store.  I miss the days of everyone knowing the names of people around them, and putting faith in the fact that being around each other means a whole lot of something. 

Fireman Dave and I have been enjoying the spring weather lately as he's been landscaping the yard.  We've had at least 2 front yard picnics under the tree, and one just sitting on the porch steps.  One day he commented on how much better things would be if people would just sit on their porches again. 

Y'all, I totally agree. I plan to do my part to fix the problem. 

Happy almost spring time to everyone.  Maybe I'll see you on Instagram this week

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