Wednesday, March 1, 2017

our house kinda looks like a makeshift hobo camp

Life lately,...

Over the last few days I started thinking about how I need a haircut.  And just like that kids book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie,.... where if you give him a cookie, then he wants milk,... and if he gets milk then he'll want a straw, and if he gets a straw,..... well, someone handed me a  new hairdresser and a picture from Pinterest that I'd had my eye on for quite some time, and I came out a brand new me. 

Actually, I came out shocked at the brand new me, and possibly hurt the feelings of my new hairdresser, but I plan to text her later with a declaration of how I now love my hair and how sorry I was for that glazed look in my eye and the doubt written all over my face about her qualifications.  I think I also owe her a bigger tip.  

Basically, off went the hair.  Y'all it was time.  And if you've known me for very long, you know I vary my styles between lengths some would call short to what others would call, You've got to be out of your mind, short.  But now I can again wear all my assorted piercings and let the world see that underneath this mom facade, is kind of a fun girl. Who is still in conflict over lots of things - thus all the piercings in the first place. 

And the dog is sick again, going on about four days.  She has in the last month, ruined two of my new rugs.  Not that I'm blaming her, because just like her mommy, she has a touch of the irritable bowel syndrome.  But I can control mine enough not to ruin the carpets, of course.  But my sweet Rita has been in a struggle this last week and Fireman Dave is hoping he doesn't have to give her another dog IV.  

The rug replacement, though,.... I thought ahead this time and bought what looked to be beautiful, but were in actuality, faux-beautiful, super thin, $49 rugs from that I bought several of and duct taped the underneath sides together to make them look room sized.  It totally worked and fooled the eye into thinking I'm a big spender when we all know that aint nothin but a lie.  Maybe cutting my hair off short freed my brain to think more creatively. 

Anyway, now our house kinda looks like a makeshift hobo camp.  We're in the planning stages of a whole house remodel - which means we have the best contractor with an amazing vision and plan, but we'll have to move out for about a month or two to do the work.  So I'm sort of happy that Rita helped me get rid of a few more household items so we don't have to move it or store it.  And that being said, we will be having a garage sale at some point,... and just putting in out there, if you would like to host a reckless and loud family of five for about 6 weeks, let me know. Insert devious laughter here.  

Next, lots of other things have been going on.... but nothing life altering.  Kid 2 and I are totally turning into TV junkies and binge watching the TV series, Nashville.  It's kind of our quality time together, and you know what?  I love it, and Nashville, and I'll take what I can get these days.  He's the only kid out of the three who didn't fail at least one subject this six weeks so he's my favorite he still has some privileges.  

And speaking of lost privileges, Kid 1 announced to me this morning that he will voluntarily surrender his phone to me after school.  Which, to that I say, You bet your boots you will, Mister,..... but his willingness to give up his lifeline is sending chills up my spine.  It's also telling me he has a plan B up his sleeve.  I just don't know what it is yet.  So if any of y'all see Kid 1 sending smoke signals to his girlfriend anytime after the school day, let me know.  

And Kid 3... God bless him.  God bless us one and all.  He has officially entered his surly phase as a new to the kingdom teenager.  And he's using his powers to push me right over the edge of insanity.  And I know 100% for sure that that's why I'm having a stress acne episode. 

And Fireman Dave is all by himself re-landscaping the front and back yards.  He loves outdoor work when it's nice outside like this, but longs for the days of a stronger back -  and truth be told, maybe some money to pay someone to actually do the work for him.  Just a hunch.  

And that's about it this time.  No explosions, no broken bones or hearts, just us going about what people go about doing.  And the fun part?  That we all do it,... and on the way, I get to see all of y'all who stop and say thank you, and tell me about all your own normal stuff,... and I get to share what we're all thinking.  Thinking that we wish we could just pay someone else to do all of our hard work for us.  Thinking that we wish our kids made the National Honor Society like that gal who just told me about her sweet granddaughter..... Thinking that we wish we had plans for dinner and for tackling the ever growing list of to-do's.  Thinking that a day is kinda long when you have to spend it all alone.  And that a house is a little small when there's the great divide going on in our relationships.  

But I'm thankful today for time on the couch with Kid 2, us binge watching our stories, as my grandmother would've called them.  And I'm thankful that Kid 1 texted me his good news that he got promoted to the varsity locker room to start his new path for the upcoming football season.  And I'm thankful that as surly and sleepy and argumentative that Kid 3 is, that he still hugs me like nobody's business.  And I'm thankful for a husband that didn't gasp when he took a look at all my hair cut off - but instead said it reminds him of when I was in high school.  Yes, he's a sweet talking man.   And yes, memories are alive and well, and a big part of what keeps us moving forward.  

And I'm thankful for this home, in all it's messed up glory - think giant hole in the shower wall, giant hole in the hallway wall, misbehaving dishwasher, worn out couch waiting for the next big trash pick up and only one rug still standing after the dog sickness..... I'm thankful that in one month we will have been in this place for 14 years, and in that time, I've had the privilege of seeing the ages and stages of lives being lived out for a purpose.  My prayer every day for these boys, and for myself, actually, is that each day is one step further on the path that God has created for us.  That every lesson is a lesson in discipline and faith, that every experience is an opportunity to trust that it all means something, and that it all means something worth doing well.  

I hope you have been well the last couple of weeks.  Remember that I am only one comment or email away.  What can I pray for you today? 

post script - Kid 1 asked me last week if I have ever had a nose piercing.  Lord help us if he's even considering that thought for himself, .... but my answer was no.  I happen to have 8 piercings total - all on my ears.  Please remind me of that old TV show, Eight is Enough the next time I head into the piercing place with any grand ideas.  

post post script - make that 3 rugs ruined.... as we speak.  And my bathroom floor.  Yuck.  My sweet little Rita isn't doing so well today.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your slice of life. After 15 years, I decided to buy a couple of new rugs from Very pleased with the quality and prices, especially since my Lucy had a messy accident on one and snagged the other while trying to make it into a bed! Oh well. - Lynne B.

  2. I just hate that particular moment when I put the giant, room sized rugs out for the big trash pick up,.... and trash to treasure hunters think they found something good. Then discover exactly why the rug is out there in the first place. We're just gonna keep things falling apart around here till the house construction starts...and treat it like camping, I guess.


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