Sunday, June 11, 2017

Well slap with me with some perspective and understanding....

Well Hello there and welcome to summer - where my house is already filthy, the dog isn't feeling so well and I've got to find more stuff for the boys to do.  I did, however,  finally get a new dishwasher and that may be just enough reason to throw a party.  

I think I may skip all the technical and creative writing lessons of my youth on this one and just go with some bullet points.  Then I'll make it a world class Kristi challenge to see if I can tie all that interesting stuff together into a lesson for the week.  I hope I'll win a prize if I can do it.  

1.  If I were to write about someone or something that I've been banned from discussing in public anymore, I might to do it like this.  You'll probably have to draw from your knowledge of back issues of the blog and some sleuthing skills to get it, but I have faith in you.... 

So if I were a top CIA operative and I was trying to find out some key, yet harmless, info about a young person that someone I know very well spends way too much time with, I would probably first go straight to the source.  I wouldn't even put on a trench coat and dark glasses.  I would just ask, Hey, unnamed young person that hangs out with someone I know very well?  What's your new info that I need but can't say out loud on the blog?  Simply for the records, of course, not for spying because I'm just an Operative, not a Spy.  I collect the necessary info and then file it away to do something or other with it as needed later.  

But let's say that asking for the needed intel didn't work because apparently it is considered top secret....  then I would have to go somewhere else to find out that info and that may or may not be to the higher level manager of the person in question.  Sort of like a MOM, but I can't really say that because, well, we're talking spy language here.  

And then let's say I get that nugget of info from the higher up manager but then the lower level person of interest now holds an even larger amount of animosity toward me because I have so many darn tricks up my CIA Operative sleeve.  

Anyway, this all happened this week.  And if you didn't understand a word I said, see me in private and let's talk.  

2.  Then in the middle of the week I got fussed at very aggressively by an older naked lady in the locker room of the gym.  Because of some missing shoes.  Shoes that made her so very angry that her choice of profanity got me all confused about which to pay attention to the most - or least - her language or her naked.  Both were extreme and quite disturbing.  

Short version of the shoe drama.... one lady said her shoes were missing, so she left a note on the locker room mirror about how the person who took them should be ashamed and fearful - as she has a very contagious foot skin condition.  She claims.  So then all the other locker room ladies were alarmed and refused to get into the pool after they found out that missing shoe lady is a participant in my aqua class.  Then they all ganged up on me when I least expected it and when they were all scantily clad in tiny towels that were never meant to cover the bosoms that I just saw - and told me that I was pretty much to blame for missing shoes, starving children and all lack of civility in our society.  It was weird and I was longing for the good old days of when we gave out larger sized towels at the gym.

3.  Then I shared a post on The TODAY Show Parenting site, and it got picked up and added to the list of essays to be voted on to be moved up in the reader ranks.  I hate popularity publishing.  Let me just say in my very mature way, that its just stupid.  But here's the link that I shared and that I am now pandering for votes to move it up the ladder of posts to get it more widely read.  It's about my dad.  And I would love for you to read it and get to know Bill.  I actually never called him Bill till after he died, but now I do on occasion because I think I see him a lot better now for the multi dimensional person that he was, more than I ever did when he was alive.  Drink a beer to that one up in Heaven, Daddy. 

4.  And finally, after I read my post about my dad again, I realized that the Bible verse that I shared in it has a whole lot more to do with me now than maybe it did with him.  Here it is...

11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:11-13

Y'all, people love to quote the very last line of this passage.  And they love to quote it all kinds of wrong.  

It's not about how God gives us power or privilege or even honor over anything or anyone.  It's all about those first lines leading up to that famously overused last verse.  It's about learning to accept your now.  And accepting it to the point to where it becomes ok.  And then it goes on to talk about how we (the writer) will see both times of trouble and times of awesomeness, but that no matter the circumstance, it's not the circumstance that feeds our attitudes and perceptions.  It's about knowing that contentment comes from relationship with God and THAT is the strength that gets us through the day.  Y'all.  Boom.  Bible lingo for Just shut the heck up and deal with your circumstance.  

I'm guilty.  Oh. So. Guilty.  

I've been overly sensitive and overly worried about circumstance of late.  Whether that be about my latest CIA Operative situation or how many thousands of times lately I've been feeling sorry for myself because of this or that. 

Then I got the big remind that I don't get to choose the situations to be happy or sad.  It's actually gently encouraging me in this passage to be content despite the situation.  And should I remind us all?  This passage was written by a man in prison.  Well slap with me with some perspective and understanding....  

You know, I can't promise to get my attitude all 100% fixed up on such short notice. But I can promise this week to give it a try.  On Monday.  Then again on Tuesday.  I'll see how that goes first.  

post script - typos and misspellings brought to you courtesy of the summer noise and mess in my home.  

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