Sunday, July 2, 2017

I hate that dress and it makes you look like my mother

Seems that I've been wearing a lounge dress around the house that Fireman Dave hates.  And he got up the nerve to tell me about it when we were pulling into the gas station and he knew I had nowhere to run.

I always think its funny how men choose to tell women their bad news. 

I'm leaving you should always be said somewhere like church because the quiet will be soothing.  And it might keep the girl from causing too big of a scene.

I am ill and might die should always be said after a good meal and when the kitchen is cleaned up.  Because the wife may be too distraught to empty the dishwasher after the news.

And the old, I hate that dress and it makes you look like my mother should always be said in the car on the way to the gas station.  No particular reason for this one other than that's just what happened.  Yesterday, actually.  And no, Fireman Dave and I are not one of those couples that have to go to the gas station and everywhere together.  Just happened that way this time, and I do like to remind him to fill up the tank while we're still in the car or else I'll go out to work the next morning and the low fuel alarm will beep just backing down the driveway.  I speak from experience.

This week has been pretty uneventful.  Which in the full theme of summer time is a really good thing.  I did have an almost flat tire.  But not quite and I made it home just fine, just wishing that I didn't almost have a flat tire on a day that was already long and weary.  Which day is that you say?  Most of them.  

I also now have that familiar hole in my shower wall AND only a cold water handle on my bathroom sink.  It's falling apart piece by piece, y'all.  And that aint no lie.   

The leak started as a small drip that lasted long enough to fill an entire bathtub because we got used to the sound and started ignoring it.  But then last week as I got dressed for work, the drip turned into a stream.   Then the stream turned into a flow and I took a video of it and sent it to the fire station.  Not the 911 fire station, but to Fireman Dave at the fire station.  Of course he told me to turn off the water under the sink but all my years of strength training combined were no match for the 60 year old pipes so he declared that he was rushing to the rescue.

Then he texted back and said no he couldn't rush to the rescue because he didn't have a car to drive home in.  Kid 1 had taken the shared Dad and Kid 1 car, dropped off dad at work at the break of dawn and set out to go running with Princess C.  And there is no leak in the land that can come between Kid 1 and his lady so don't even try.  Love wins and we almost had a flooded bathroom.  Fireman Dave ended up getting ride home with someone leaving for the day and got dropped off here not knowing how he might make it back to work to do his real job, not his on call plumber job.  

Anyway, it all worked out somehow and now I only have a cold water handle on the sink until further notice.  When I get my bathroom all fixed up maybe I'll invite you over to take a shower and use the hot water.   

Oh, I did have someone ask me at work the other day how long I see myself doing my job.  Hmmmm... how to respond to that one.....

I see myself doing this job till I fall out right here in front of you because I'm obviously 1000 years old and how can I possibly Zumba this many times a day and not die?

Why do people say such people things?  You know exactly what I mean.  You know you do.

Anyway, all things I can handle.  And I'm kind of happy to have such short and non threatening posts for a while.  That means not a whole lot of shakin going on with the Walters.  Again, a good summer time theme for all concerned. 

I tend to find myself stuck in the spot of not writing a lot when things are just normal and still.  Or if I don't have a lesson to share or even a way to tie all my events together into a big finale.  But gosh, really?  Aren't normal and still the things that I most ask God for when things are something else?  Do we ever just want what we have?  

I need to work on that.  And I need to read more.  And cook more.  And look at how beautiful my house is even with the holes and such.  I'm beginning to feel a little partial to the rustic nature of how we've grown into this space.

Maybe I've become a little bit like that about myself, too.  Give or take a few parts.  And that's not a bad thing, I think.  

Y'all, I hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing this summer.  I don't promise to write weekly for a bit, but I promise to write when I have something to tell you.  Remember you can get all posts via email if you subscribe in that little box that says Follow by email.  Its good stuff and you don't even have to work for it.  You can also subscribe via Bloglovin by clicking the little heart icon, but they tend to send some unwanted emails in the mix.  You can simply unsubscribe from their unsolicited emails and it will still keep you blog loving me.

The end.

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  1. Please keep writing, your writings being back many happy memories of when my kids were younger AND and please, please keep on teaching!

    1. Promise to recussitate me should the need arise?


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