Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sad but good reading

So this week I decided to share two posts with you that have already been published elsewhere.  

And honest to goodness, I never intended to write on this subject, but best intentions lead to completely different plans when God gets a hold of something.  Seriously, it was like a totally weird reminder of days gone by when the subject of AIDS came up again and again.  Really.  Again and again within days... so I took that as a message that it was time for me to remember something I shouldn't have forgotten.  

And I'm talking about my sister here.  For those of you new to me and my crazy long list of talk show worthy stories.... my sister contracted the AIDS virus forever ago and died in 1995.  There's a whole lot more to the story than that and I hope you'll take time to click on the two links below to hear it.  

The first link was written about  a week ago and was published on the Wilshire  blog.  The second link was the follow up that was just published a few days ago.  It gets a little deeper into the details and.... well..... just read it.  Please and thank you.  

Other than these, the best story I have to tell you is about that bird that tried to use my hair to make a nest while I was at the pool on Friday.  I'm talking about hair still on my head, not some old hair in a hairbrush or something.  The bird obviously thinks I have bird nest hair and now I must go deep condition.  

Here you go....  sad but good reading. 

The Church and AIDS 

The Rest of the Story

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