Sunday, December 17, 2017

Y'all stand back because she's gonna blow

It's one week till Christmas, and in the event you happen to be a crazy house burglar, just lettin you know that we have zero presents under the tree.  Y'all, I've tried, but can't think of a thing the boys need except an extra big helping of good sense.  But oh how to wrap that up in a pretty package with a bow.....

So... blogging.... oh blogging I have missed you this past month.  First I was super sick after our Thanksgiving trip, thinking I left half my brain in the air on that flight home.  The dizziness pretty much rattled me beyond recognition with this bout of vertigo and I had to take motion sickness medicine just to go to work.  And then, still, there probably wasn't all that much greatness happening. 

And in kid news, we have at least one that is failing generally everything this six weeks in school, but still holding out hope for a search and rescue mission from some sort of school super hero that might save the day.  There's another kid in severe anxiety and distress over some other things, and another kid that is just about to be the death of his mother.  I won't identify any of the above, but really... each is so capable of all of it that it doesn't really matter. 

And then this....

Y'all, I stood in the pouring rain last night, late, filling the empty tank with gas at a shady 7-11 on the corner of Dark and Scary, after leaving Kid 3 at the hospital for the night.  And I stood there hoping that if anyone talked to me that it would be a true angel from Heaven because I so needed that right then, but if it wasn't, that I was wearing some pretty dangerous boots and a sucky and exhausted attitude so I figured I would be at the advantage.  

Kid 3 came home from school Friday with a sore arm, and a fever,... all of which turned into a larger scare than I had planned for the busiest shopping weekend of the season.  And let me just put this out there because you already know it to be true... the law of fire wives states that if anything will break, explode or die, it will be while the fireman is on shift saving everyone else but his own family.  I've lived  it for 18 years and counting......

So I called the pediatrician Saturday morning and they sent us packing straight to the emergency room since whatever was happening was happening right on Kid 3's elbow joint, an obvious thoroughfare for all sorts of evil and disease.  So 8 hours later, and some prompt medicating, they admitted the kid for the night to continue IV antibiotics, treating it as a worst case scenario, mrsa staph infection.  Now everyone can say yuck all together , and join with Kid 1 in his despair over catching something.  Nope.  It doesn't work like that and we're all fine, but God bless him, they got right in there and stopped a whole lot of bad from getting worse.  

Now Fireman Dave and I are taking bets as to which will be most costly - the giving of life at Kid 3's birth - which took us a full year to pay off - or the saving of his life this time.  Probably another good year of investing in the financial future of the hospital on this one, too.   But Kid 3 - you are worth gold and rubies and even me standing in a dark and scary spot in the dead of night to be on your care team.  

And I have to add this because.  Just because I want everyone's sympathy, just as I did yesterday at the hospital, texting everyone I knew who would ooh and ahh over me and Kid 3 starving to death in the ER.  I had left him at the hospital in the very capable hands of the nurses for the night so I could go home and supervise a very sneaky Kid 1 and his sidekick, Kid 2.  Which turned out to be good for an entirely different reason that we should totally discuss later, and I had occasion to put the fear of God in the oldest over this, that and another - then swelled with pride at all I had managed to accomplish in one day.  

Anyway, I woke up at 3AM to find a flooded laundry room and a backed up kitchen sink, and longed for the days of being a kid and having a parent to do all the hard stuff.  Turns out the main pipe between the kitchen sink, the dishwasher and the washing machine is old and fussy and needs to be cleaned out more often than not.  So when I started the last laundry load before bed, it all went to town and left a hellacious surprise in the house.  But since Fireman Dave is working a 48 hour shift during all the excitement, I called him to be of assistance and he came home and did his side job as plumber as quick as a flash, then went back to being everyone else's hero till tomorrow.  

But I think this is where I reached my full capacity of emotions for the wasn't the sickly waiting room, the crowds, the masses of illness packaged up in rough and rude people.  It was the long waiting, the time, and the thinking of what could've happened with Kid 3 had we not gotten to this infection as quickly as we did.  And it was that the hospital that we went to happens to be the one where my dad was when he died. 

 And as I tried to tell Kid 3 about that last visit there with my dad, long before Kid 3 was even born, I felt such an amazing sense of this..... THIS.... Y'all stand back because she's gonna blow.  

I remembered being there with him that day, rushing up there with an 18 month old and a 4 month old, trying to get there fast before they turned off the machines.  And I got there in time to stand by his bed and tell him not to worry about something in particular.  At that time, Kid 2 was having his own share of health problems at just about 4 months old, and we were challenged to the top trying to figure it out.  But I remember telling my dad not to worry, that the very next day I was bringing the baby to that very hospital for a specialist appointment that I just knew was going to be our answer.  And it turned out to be.  

And for just a minute, I was the comfort in a long line of him being that for me.  I just think that yesterday - hospitals and scares and having to face some challenges -  brought me to a spot that needed to be looked at from this new perspective.  The perspective that it's totally okay to cry for a while.  Then I have to put on my tough girl boots and do what needs to be done.  Granted, I've been doing my fair share of stress eating the Christmas fudge, too,  so I'm not fully empowered.  But maybe just a little. 

Today I am thankful for challenges that make me aware.  For obstacles that give me motivation to climb.  And for walls that dare to be pushed down.  I am thankful for doctors and nurses and caring friends who put up with my texts for attention since I no longer have a parent to be my guide.  And I'm thankful to write a story with a happy ending.  

Merry Christmas to you and you and you.  I'll be back in the new year with some new fun and juicy topics.  Yep.  There's some good ones. 

post script - Kid 3 got to come home from the hospital today.  He has a lifetime of medication in his future, but his wonderful teacher/basketball coach stopped by the house with Krispy Kreme donuts and all his cares were erased.  As for me, I'm thinking a long Christmas nap.  

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