Wednesday, March 21, 2018

the most boring blog post I've ever written. Maybe.

Recapping spring break - one kid went to Florida with a friend, where he went deep sea fishing and got very, very sea sick.  I did not go to Florida, but instead stayed home for Spring Break, and still got very, very sea sick.  Spring Break is my annual nod toward illness, be it stomach or sinus or some sort of odd virus that people only bitten by a certain type of tiny insect could contract, and only then if they were in Wakanda on a Sunday.  Yes, I saw that movie with the boys.  

The rest of Spring Break was filled with stuff like scheduled eye doctor visits, school baseball games and practices.  And work.  There's that.  Someone also left the refrigerator open all night but no one claims any knowledge or responsibility so we think it was the same no one that left the back door not only unlocked one day the week before, but hanging wide open as an invitation to maniacs everywhere. 

We also did a little household organization and unorthodox moving around of space this week.  And what I always think will be a super fast and easy job turns out to be a bit more complex than originally planned.  Which is why people everywhere need to stop watching fixer upper shows because it's all lies.  Anyway, I've had plans for quite a while to spread out the boys' living quarters from one shared room to a better use of our roomy, yet oddly configured house, .... but was waiting for this to happen first, then that to happen next so that I could make my move.  But just like watching water boil, things never work when you wait on them and rooms seem to get smaller the bigger the kids get.

So for the past 15 years that we've been in our home, all the boys have slept in one bedroom.  We live in a 1950's ranch style with the traditional formal living/dining room up front as you come in the front door.  It's funny how this space has taken on so many different shapes over the years as we just lived in the house.  We've always called it the wood room.  That's what the boys called it when they were little.  It was an empty room with an unfinished wood floor and not a stick of furniture in there and we used it as a toddler gymnasium of sorts till they got too big to ride their tricycles around in circles in there.  Then it morphed into an actual sitting room with an ugly yellow hand me down sleeper sofa from another fireman that housed our nephew on several occasions as he returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan and other of life's adventures.  Then it became the holding spot for the cushy blue chair that I saved from the thrift store, and saw its share of fits and tantrums as we made young boys get off of cell phones to prevent brain and soul rot.

Now these 2 front rooms have become oddly placed bedrooms for Kids 2 and 3.  Sort of like how the Clampetts used their Beverly Hillbilly mansion to raise livestock and fish in the cement pond, the Walters are using the formal spaces of our home to grow up our boys into unique individuals and give them space to grow.  Really we're just using it this way because as much as I love love love our contractor friend and all her brilliant remodel ideas, I happen not to love the thought of car insurance on multiple teen drivers soon, college costs, and really, debt in general.  

So I'm thinking I will never get invited to be featured in Southern Living magazine, but I probably wasn't going to get that opportunity anyway, even before I moved a bed into the dining room.  So there.  I actually have a mental timeline for this maze we call home.  I'm thinking a year of Kid  2 sleeping in the living room and Kid 3 sleeping in the dining room, which he can totally handle since he was the baby that was housed in the laundry room as an infant when he was noisily learning to fall asleep on his own.  (Yes, his crib fit in there nicely.  No, he did not have to sleep on top of the dryer. Yes, I could still hear him from  my bedroom so he was fine.)  Then after about a year when Kid 1 moves onto college, we can re-think our sleeping patterns and re-convene for the next phase of This Old House.  We should've totally bought a three bedroom house to begin with.

Anyway, here are some wise and wonderful thoughts that I've considered lately.... each brought about by differing circumstances, some blog worthy, and  some that just have to be more private for the sake of my family. 

First I think that if you're reading this and you are at all like me and have tried to have a person or persons be your fix, your safety net, your port in the storm, let me say that yes, they can and will be sometimes.  But only for a time.  And that you have to be your own rock to lean on when it comes right down to it.  I'm trying - and yet failing it seems, to pass this idea on to a certain kid or two these days. (and note this isn't a rock comparison between Jesus and us normal people.... it's just a plain ol use of the word rock as something strong.  I happen to believe that our strength comes from the lord, but it is through our own weakness that his strength is made known.  Pretty sure that's in the Bible...)

Second, if you are a parent reading this, I think what I would tell you today is that I get plenty of things wrong.  And I started on that road of wrong from the time of my kids' birth.  But today I know that it mostly all has a way of mixing together - the wrong and the right - to make a kid something kinda special.  And as a mom, that's about all I could ever want.  

And about stress levels - as I sit here and read my public library copy of Southern Living, and I ponder the search for the perfect daffodil -  ....... wHaT  on earth?  Yes, that's a real article in there....  here's a spoiler:  Ain't nothing perfect going on anywhere.  Give up on that and take a breath.  

We've taken on so many projects of late that we can't even keep track, much less, keep up.  An out building project still unfinished in the backyard, a sailboat in the driveway with its own boat club membership, but an unfinished boat slip.  And taking on the high school baseball booster club has turned Fireman Dave into an efficient grilling, concessions selling machine - but at the same time has added to his already heavy work load of fire department shifts, extra medic jobs, and the occasional contractor work with a friend.  So we pretty much play catch up or keep up around here at all times, and that brings on some things that, though living among us, showed up totally uninvited.  And for this I have no wisdom to offer other than to just stop every now and binge watch something mindlessly entertaining on Netflix.  Or write a boring blog post and tell the world about all your day to days that no one really cares about.  

But it's the slowing down and the thinking it out that brings me back to a better perspective.  I'm actually typing this at 4:15 in the morning because my body wanted to slow down, but obviously my mind didn't.  This is where the old, carb loaded Kristi would go for the cinnamon poptarts to soothe me back to sleep.  But the new me - the one that would still kill for a contraband box of those things - is holding strong and trying to channel my energies elsewhere.  

This week we take Kid 1 on a weekend college visit to Aggieland.  And from there, as he expands his knowledge of all things college related, the rest of us will travel on to one of my fave places to spend some down time and ring in another year of being Kristi.  I also get to celebrate from afar the special birthday of my girl, Loyce, in Uganda.  And y'all, I'm so excited to see how this turns out for her.  Very possibly her first ever birthday celebration and let me assure you that I have arranged some chocolate goodness to surprise her all the way from here.  She and I have birthdays one day apart, so we're practically twins, and I promised her that we would party in style this year. I'll share pictures as soon as I get them.  

That's about it for my early morning blogging.  Blessings to you as I know you are treading your own turbulent waters and trying to stay afloat.  I'm with you, I hear you and I see you for all that you are accomplishing and contributing.  And y'all, as hard as it is sometimes, it's worth it to take a look and breathe it all in from this point today.  Because I know it'll be great to look back on from tomorrow.  

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