Sunday, July 29, 2018

be careful what you teach your children. Or something like that.

Summertime isn't really a blogger's friend.  Meaning that I can pour my heart into something of a million words, give or take, and exactly no one will read it.  And then I can write a post like the one  I just turned in to the church, about my battle with a giant roach, and I'll get thousands of the most interesting comments and responses.  Which basically tells me that I need to stick the light and fluffy of post types from June to early September.

I planned to do just that... till I saw this on this beautiful morning at our church.  Can you see the silly people holding signs and trying to form a smallish picket line?  (You should totally read that last line out loud in a voice that you might use to read a book to a three year old.)

Granted, I've seen and heard worse, and we've had larger, more interesting protester crowds out front of our loving doors o' God.  But y'all, ... still.  

Today these particular people went over and above, appealing to the the basic rule of parents everywhere.  Be careful what you teach your children. 

And THAT, my friends, because I am so carefully concerned about what I teach my kids, is exactly why I bring them to this particular church each week, and have for their lifetimes.  Because this church teaches love and tolerance and acceptance.  

And truth.  Y'all, truth is where it's at -  and all the cool people are telling it.  

And just like our sign says out front, our church teaches everybody.  EVERYBODY. 

And I didn't get all mad at these lonely guys with signs like a few people who chose to take to Facebook to protest the protesters...... because, really?  I just can't  ... I'm not the ultimate teacher.  None of us are.  We simply have to have the courage to continue the work of God always, and that includes times such as these when a few will call us out on what they see as a spiritual technicality - a  glitch in what is written and spoken straight from the spirit of faith, and what they choose to hold on to way too tightly.  

But the good news is that God sees no technicalities.  He sees no color, no race, no political views.  He sees no sexual preference or orientation, and he sees beyond us and through us and mostly,... thanks be to God, despite us. 

Because y'all, I could just as easily be the person holding this sign - or any other - in public, private or just inside the walls of my own heartfelt opinions, but for the grace of God.  So church people, go gentle on our sign holders today.  Love on them the way we would want to be loved.  Teach them the way that we teach our own, especially our children.  And move on from there, doing exactly what we always do.  

Keep singing over the bullhorn voices.  Keep talking and inviting and welcoming everybody - even the ones with the signs.  I thought about how the Grinch thought he stole Christmas from Whoville.... and how he anxiously waited for the sounds of sadness on Christmas morning to fill his tiny, empty heart.  Sort of like our guests today who thought they could steal our joy.  But we still sang.  And we still learned.  And we taught the biggest of all lessons.  God is love.  End of story.  

Now.  Y'all, here's a link to a post I wrote about my mom's funeral.  It was quite a day.  These were my thoughts on it all.    And I feel sure there will be more in the future as I have time to think on things.  

My mom's funeral.  ( seriously... this is a real link that I can't for the life of me get to show, but if you click on the words, my mom's funeral... magic will show up.  Well maybe not quite magic.)

And on the great side of news - lucky, lucky me... I got to hear from my good friend, Loyce yesterday.  

Let me leave you with this little darling singing to us from Uganda.  I asked if she was learning to play the guitar.  No, it turns out, she is not, but is looking mighty cute holding this one that belongs to our mutual friend for use in her school.  It absolutely makes for an adorable accessory for any musical talent.  And just in case you can't tell, here are the words to Loyce's song:  

"  I am walking in promises.  I am walking in miracles.  I live my life in favor.  I know who I am."  

You bet you do, my little love.  You are a child of God, my sister in faith, and my precious friend.  

Thanks to Loyce for reminding me to keep it all in perspective.  

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