Thursday, August 2, 2018

It's a baby shower! But don't go gettin any ideas......

Hey y'all, and happy whatever day it is that you're reading this!

Today I wanted to reach out to you specifically to ask for help.  You know I've been lovin' on a sweet girl from Uganda for quite some time now, but my heart keeps telling me that I can do more.  Really my heart keeps telling me that it's totally confused over all the ugly in the world and that if I can do even one little thing to break that cycle, then well, I should totally try.  So yay for my heart that nudges me in the direction of God even when it wants to just sit around and enjoy my not quite new anymore sectional sofa.

Y'all, it's funny how I can hear about things forever and pay little to no attention at all.  Oh, please... did you EVEN believe what I just wrote?  Truth is I sometimes pay no more attention to things of importance than I did in 9th grade Algebra class when the teacher sat me by the window.  Big mistake, said that teacher... as I stared off into space and beyond, considering everything but algebra.  I also used to carry one of those little pink foam hair curlers in my purse because I believed with all my heart that my bangs had to be perfectly curled at all times for me to be successful in life.  So basically, that was 9th grade, and my heart condition on many other topics all the way up to my current decade in this life.

But things happen, and people happen, and they make me annoyed and irritated and wonder where in the devil their ideas on what Christ in the world really looks like - and I think they're all aliens from a meanie planet -  and we need to rebel.  Starting today. 

So basically, I'm a rebel for the cause of Christ and I am asking you to join with me in helping in the simplest of ways.  How simple does shopping on Amazon sound?  Y'all, so darn simple that I do it all the time, and Fireman Dave would much appreciate it if I would quiet the call of spending his money on things he doesn't even know about till he sees the debit show up on his bank account.

So.... please let me introduce you to a wonderful organization, Gateway of Grace in Dallas.

"Gateway of Grace's Educational and Community ministries provide English as a Second Language classes, cultural integration classes, children's programs and ESL and special event transportation among many other services. We help refugees furnish their apartments, find jobs, enroll their children in school and begin the path toward developing new relationships and healthy communities. Each refugee family has a unique circumstance. Gateway of Grace responds to each family's specific needs with a standard needs assessment and plan of action. We empower refugee families with basic resources and celebrate their arrival, ensuring each new member flourishes in their new home. We passionately embrace that the sovereign Lord has brought refugee families to us for the purposes of healing, restoration and experiencing Christ's love." 

I've heard about Gateway for years as our church is a great lover of this organization.  And I've recommended this organization to several people over time as a wonderful volunteer opportunity, but I myself sat back and watched them change the world.  Then one day I just couldn't sit back and watch any longer... and here I am. 

I have volunteered to host a baby shower for a refugee woman, and I am over the top excited.  There is a current Gateway of Grace student expected to deliver her baby in early September, and I feel so strongly that we can make a difference in the life of her and her family.  Gateway serves refugees in Dallas from 13 different countries, and six different religious backgrounds.  One nation under God and all that jazz, right?  

And what better way to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this city and beyond, than reaching out and meeting the most basic of needs of those around us?  So today, I am asking you to click on my Amazon wish list for this sweet lady, and to shop and help me bless the soul of this little one that is about to become part of this world.  Help me make it a beautiful beginning, and a friendly hello to our city.  And help me get this child started on the road to safety, health and opportunity.

Did you even know that a baby bed and some diapers could do all that?  Well, turns out it can.

The shower will be August 18th, and there is an Amazon list of the most needed items by Gateway of Grace for their expectant moms. 

Please say yes.  Would you please say you will  shop and give and share and all those great things that make you feel all good inside? 

You can comment here or email me at  

And HERE, y'all, is the Amazon list.  Gateway of Grace baby shower hosted by Kristi 

( and because my blog is weird, the links don't show unless you hover over it.... so trust that it is there, but like all our cars, needs to be repaired by someone smarter than myself.  Click on Gateway of Grace baby shower and you will be taken to the shopping list.)

post script - the shower will be held at the student's apartment, due to transportation issues of the students and their invited guests.  And, note that shopping off the Amazon list will cause tons of baby items to be delivered to my home address, which will be totally weird, seeing that I had to google a review of diaper sizes and everything baby equipment related.  And please, if you prefer to give a gift from somewhere else and want to bring it to the shower, or have me take it for you, absolutely!  This list was my attempt at a well rounded list of basics.  Note the word, attempt.  

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